Feb 5

LGBTQ in Russia and Customs Union countries (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan)

the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications (ROSKOMNADZOR) has issued strict guidelines for Russian media sources on how to handle information about LGBT and what is permissible under the anti-gay propaganda law. ROSKOMNADZOR stated that it is now illegal in Putin’s Russia: 1. to say that the traditional family does not meet the full needs of modern society and the modern individual 2. to claim the acceptability of “alternative family relationships” 3. to portray heterosexual relationships negatively 4. to portray homosexuals as positive role models.

Banning gay propaganda in Russia is harming children, a Russian human rights group has said. Moscow Helsinki Group, the oldest Russian human rights organization, has released a report on the situation of children in the country.

3 men convicted of stabbing, killing, and setting alight a gay man

Lena Klimova and Children 404 are facing gay propaganda charges, fines. Interview with Klimova here: “As for us, this is totally Kafkaesque. We’re charged with promoting homosexuality among minors, and it is the letters of minors themselves that constitute this promotion. This is nonsense! But we’re told that no, minors will read the letters and be swayed.” Children 404 charges, as detailed in Colta.ru, and RIA Novosti. News segment on charges against children 404 (video in Russian)

Chief editor of newspaper convicted and fined for gay propaganda for quoting fired gay teacher

a 14-year-old 9th grade schoolgirl in Bryansk came out online, was reported to officials by antigay activist, then charged with gay propaganda by police. A member of the Duma came to her defense. The charges were dropped. The schoolgirl herself is thinking of bringing charges against the man who reported her to her school. He is a social conservative activist in St Petersburg.

Russians reveal mixed experiences under gay propaganda laws: “For Petrov, while Russia’s laws do pose a threat, he is more concerned about the next generation. ‘When I was a teenager, I did not know a lot about gay people. But I read newspapers and watched films where I could access information. I listened to taTu,’ he says, referring to the Russian pop duo featuring Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova. ‘Today, teens can only get negative information about homosexuality and transsexuality. If a teen self-identifies as gay and everyone around him says it is a perversion and a disease, how can this teen continue to live?’ … ‘If you want to support the LGBT community, you cannot boycott the country,’ Yasine says. ‘That isolates the LGBT community here. Both local and international support is important for the fight to be effective.’ … ‘The situation is difficult because current legislation leaves us almost no room for dialogue,’ Sultanova says. ‘But there is still space for change to happen. We need solidarity and support from our allies abroad to make this a reality.’

Russian state owned TV channel RT says that heavy-handed western media coverage hurts Russian LGBTQ

Russia accuses the EU of aggressive propaganda of homosexuality

A recent report on Russian TV argues that Europe will legalize incest and pedophilia in Europe after gay marriage.

Doctor writes letter to Putin asking him to recognize homosexuality as a disease

Overview of Trans activism in Russia

Russia expels US journalist David Satter

Kiselev met with Israeli president Peres despite Russian and Israeli activists urging Peres not to meet with him.

Russian Orthodox Church proposes referendum to criminalize homosexuality

4 Russian trans people are profiled in Colta.ru

Occupy Pedophilia’s Maxim Martinskevich is arrested in Cuba on charges of inciting ethnic hatred

Isakov conviction based on complaint from 1000 miles away: “The complaint was filed to the investigating authorities by a teenage resident of the Arkhangelsk region, 1,000 miles away from Kazan, who had allegedly read about the Isakov’s picket on the Internet and asked the authorities to punish him for gay propaganda. This court decision sets a precedent that anyone holding any public LGBT rallies might be found guilty only because some teenager who wasn’t there at the time of the rally saw a report on the internet.”

Priest in video link says it wouldn’t be a bad idea to punch a homosexual or throw eggs, as “these people have no rights.”

Photo of designated protest area at Sochi

Lgbt march in anti fascist rally

Nytimes says Putin gay baits by saying gays should “leave the children alone” when they come to Sochi

Pressure Mounts On Belarusian LGBT Community: Activists say their attempt to legally register the gay-rights organization GayBelarus, also known as Lambda, in January has sparked an angry response from the government of President Alyaksandr Lukashenka — himself a self-proclaimed and unapologetic homophobe.
Members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community accuse police of summoning them for questioning, raiding their clubs, humiliating them and, in at least one case, using physical violence.

According to the investigative journalists at the Russian news portal Fontanka.ru, it appears that infamous Russian homophobic lawmaker, Vitaly Milonov, was involved in a numerous financial schemes to raise millions of rubles for his election campaign in St. Petersburg, Russia. The English translation of the original article has been provided by Mr. George Budny, our human rights activist, in his on-line blog titled “Russian Government Suspicious Schemes: Funding Social Welfare or Rewarding Human Rights Violators?” It appears that Mr. Milonov, his wife and a close associate used an elaborate scheme to funnel money from the St. Petersburg city budget through their NGO “Orthodox World” and a mysterious corporation “Empire” which contact info they are not able to recall.  Allegedly Mr. Milonov’s charity distributed food kits for the needy in the fall of 2011 and first half of 2012, i.e. just before the parliamental and presidential elections in Russia. Oddly enough, the journalists found out that his NGO “Orthodox Word” was registered only in June 2012. Mr. Milov was unable to explain this fact. Also, neither Mr. Milonov, nor his close associate, Mr. Alexey Knyazev, could recall any details about the major supplier of the food kits, “Empire” corporation, even though that corporation allegedly delivered tons of food. Both men issued numerous contradicting statements, sometimes even denying their involvement into the NGO “Orthodox World” while being listed on the record as the founders.

Russian lgbt speak (part one of three). Within youtube, you can set the closed caption option to English, Dutch, or Russian. Part two is here.

LGBT protestors bring charges against police: “Our main demand is that the police’s actions, primarily the detentions, be declared illegal because those arrested people essentially detained for nothing and accused of crimes they did not commit,” Kirichenko said. “The second demand is that damages in the amount of 225,000 rubles ($6610) each be paid. Finally, we are seeking formal apologies from the chiefs of the police stations where people were held after being detained.”

Russian politician supports Ivan O: “I support Ivan, because all that is done against God – it is unnatural.’s All propaganda turmoil and depravity, – quotes Kobzon portal Heat.ru . – Unfortunately, the president can not take such drastic solutions, otherwise it may cause resonance in society, but I as a citizen of his country, Ivan fully endorse. I voted in support of the law banning propaganda of homosexuality and intends to continue to fight against this evil. The only thing that I still can not say is that the forms of struggle may be different . Ivan spoke quite sharply, but for citizens as for the president and for the priest, everything naturally – is acceptable.”

Ivan O says Russia should recriminalize homosexuality

In Russia, it pays to be a homophobe. After his recent homophobic statements, Okhlobystin earned praise from his many old — and newly ­acquired — fans who support his views. He not only retained his leading role in the popular series “Interny” on TNT television, but on Tuesday he was appointed creative director of VAON, a fashionable clothing retailer. Meanwhile, Mamontov and Kiselyov have helped increase ratings on Rossia 1 television in no small measure thanks to their numerous homophobic comments about the need to cleanse Russia of its “sodomite contagion.”

Are Russia’s gay haters really in the closet?

radio show Michael Bom us, editor of the views and comments of the newspaper The Moscow Times, with us as well Jiri Joost, Czech journalist. Topics that we are discussing today, in a sense intersect. First topic: What is the attitude of society to the very sharp, vicious homophobic statements by some media persons and how Western society would react to similar statements

Voronezh activist with rainbow flag attacked by Olympic security, turned in to police

LGBTQ in contested countries (Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia)

Representatives of sexual minorities tried to give Victor Medvedchuk and his movement “Ukrainian Choice” award for significant contributions to the LGBT movement in the Ukraine.

Kiev: men with baseball bats attack gay bar

Someone films opposition journalist Vitaliy Portnikov having gay sex in his apartment and posts video online. “In December, a video containing intimate and illegally obtained images of the journalist appeared on the Internet. His Kyiv apartment was also picketed last week by some 50 protesters who carried threatening posters and accused Portnikov of ‘immoral behavior.'”

Ukrainian Orthodox Church might face Belarusian scenario “A Kremlinological reading of recent moves by the Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church suggests that Moscow hopes somehow to engineer the replacement of the head of its branch of Orthodoxy in Ukraine, a step intended to bring the Ukrainians to heel but an attempt likely to further alienate it from Moscow.”

LGBTQ in socially conservative EU countries

Lithuanian legislator proposes ban on adoption for same sex couples.

The National LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual) rights organization LGL encouraged the Social Democrats fraction of the Parliament to disapprove the legal amendments that were considered on January 21st. The legal amendment and its intention do not differ from the human rights impairing so called “homosexuality propaganda” restrictions that are valid in Russia.
This week the Parliament discussed whether the controversially considered amendments should be introduced to the Code of Administrative Violations of Law. In the revised amendment it is suggested to foresee administrative responsibility and harsh fines for any public defiance of the constitutionally established family values. By carrying out public speeches, demonstrating goods, posters, slogans and audiovisual means, as well organizing public events such as gay prides and other kind of actions, one would thus act against the law.

Kiev Protests/ the Euromaidan

Tetyana Chornovol: A crusading antigovernment journalist and activist in Ukraine who became famous last year after documenting the opulence of the heavily guarded residential compound of President Viktor F. Yanukovich was savagely beaten early Wednesday. The assault on the activist, Tetyana Chornovol, 34, just outside the capital, Kiev, was the latest attack on government opponents who have been participating in sustained protests that have shaken the country.

Great livejournal from the Maidan: Ilya Varlamov. Many great photos.

Tim Judah on Ukraine

War has started in Ukraine that could lead to civil war, partition.

Timothy Snyder on Ukraine in NYRB

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has signed into law a bill aimed at curbing anti-government protests.

Prime Minister Resigns as legislature repeals anti-protest laws

Russia told Ukraine on Tuesday it had transferred the first $3 billion tranche of a $15 billion bailout, part of plans to keep Kiev firmly within Moscow’s orbit and out of the European Union’s embrace.

Yanukovych losing popularity even in stronghold of eastern Ukraine

Trade, loan, and gas conflicts between Russia and other countries, etc-

Cheese and chocolate politics

Civil Society and Political Opposition in Russia

At first blush, the pardon for Khodorkovsky appears to be a rather canny move that will throw Putin’s critics off-balance in the run-up to Sochi while sending a clear message of self-confidence to his domestic political opponents. By releasing Khodorkovsky (and, presumably the Pussy Riot art pranksters and the Greenpeace activists in due course), Putin and his surrogates will soon be able to say to Western audiences, “Why all the fuss about human rights in Russia? Russia doesn’t have any political prisoners after all.”

Closing statement of Bolotnaya defendant Alexandra Dukhanina-Naumova

Updated list of “foreign agent” law crackdowns on NGOs from Human Rights Watch

“Western” Activist, Civil Society, Celebrity, Media, Corporate, and Governmental Responses to Russian LGBTQ Crisis

UN Committee on the rights of the child opposes Russia gay propaganda ban.

Human Rights Watch video on antigay violence in Russia

“Hunted” episode of Dispatches on channel 4 in UK

AT&T condemns Russian anti gay law, however it is sponsor of US Olympic committee, not the Sochi Olympics

The Obama administration has decided not to add any new names to a list of Russian human rights violators this year, an abrupt reversal that has left congressional officials and human rights advocates stunned.

ILGA Europe statement requesting EU countries not send high ranking officials to Sochi

Recently the European Parliament considered the resolution proposed by the Portuguese deputy, feminist Edith Estrella, about sexual education of preschoolers. The document caused an uproar because the proposed starting  “sex education” of children from 6 years of age. And this, I may say, “education” offers an explanation for the kids on how to masturbate, how to use condoms, and that couples can be both traditional and of same sex. Germany has adopted a highly controversial law on the basics of sexual education in primary school. And one couple refused to let her daughter go to such classes . Parents were offered to pay the fine , and after father’s refusal to do so, for one day he was put in prison. It is a symbolic punishment, but it clearly shows that for the rejection of radical forms of “sex education” a man can be behind bars. Same-sex marriage and adoption were also imposed on people of France by police measures.

Charlie Rose episode: Russia and the Olympic games in Sochi with David Herszenhorn, Masha Gessen, Julia Ioffe and Stephen Sestanovich

John Carlos supports lgtbq rights

Berlin musicians record pop song, “love is not for propaganda” to benefit Russian lgbtq

2000 Swedes sing Russian national anthem. 100 Russian traditional values advocates sing anthem in krasdonar

Spain shuts down its Occupy Pedophilia group the “Pilla Pilla Project”: On December 24, 2013 Spanish police arrested Neo Nazi gay bashing gang in Barcelona. The gang leader, Mr. Mikola Zatkalnitsky, Ukrainian immigrant who now resides in Spain, is a staunched supporter of the “Occupy Pedofilyaj” movement founded by Maxim Martsinkevich (aka “Clever”) in Russia. This movement hunts down gay people using fake personal ads on the social networks. Once captured the victims undergo torture, beating and forced outing on video. All video materials are distributed on-line along with the personal details of each victim. Catalan police have arrested four individuals associated with an online gay bashing ring. According to El Economista, police in the city of Granollers, close to Barcelona, have arrested four individuals aged between 19 and 24 who are reportedly part of a neo-Nazi group inspired by Russia’s Occupy Pedophilia.
Pilla Pilla victim writes blog post: Spanish and English.

Artist designed tracksuits

Sochi Olympics

Gay activists get ready for tough sledding at Winter Olympics

Paul Goble’s Countdowns to Sochi: One week
Two weeks
Three weeks
Four weeks
Five weeks
Six Weeks
Seven weeks.

Other Olympics and the World Cups

Qatar World Cup

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