Dec 8

LGBTQ in Russia and in Customs Union Countries

Russian artist and activist Irina Putilova seeks asylum in the UK. Petition here.

Arkady Mamontov on Russian TV: In Argentina, 17,000 sodomites came to the Cathedral to protest Pope Francis and want to burn the cathedral. In English here.
Event he referenced reported here

It Gets Better opens Russian operation

On Russian TV, Kiselev speculates on the issue of LGBT and sex. orientation of the German Minister of the Armed Forces, at 6:30 min.

Amnesty International Russia appeal: Please support LGBTI activists from Belarus Igor Tikhonyuk. Igor is undergoing treatment in hospital due to a stomach ulcer. To him came into the ward, two police officers and demanded that he followed them. At the police station he inflicted several blows, after which the police began to insult him by mentioning his sexual orientation, and threaten violence. The incident occurred in February 2013 shortly after Igor tried to register the Human Rights Center ” Lambda ” – an organization designed to protect the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex ( LGBTI) people in Belarus. For cruelty to Igor no one was prosecuted. In Russian and English.

Armenia church priest calls for isolation of gays in ghettos, says he isn’t fascist (video is in Armenian, can’t translate it)

Russian pro soccer/football player interview: “Honestly, I’m against all gays. I have them for people not to believe. If someone says that it is the same people as you, you or you, but they love this … I despise these people, categorically against them. In my circle of these people do not, I would communicate with them [if I] could not.”  In English here.

Kiev Protests

Euromaidan Ukrainian opposition protesters toppled a statue of Lenin in central Kiev as hundreds of thousands took to the streets in the latest display of anger at the government’s rejection of closer ties with Europe. A group of protesters dragged down the statue on Sunday evening, taking turns to beat the fallen landmark.

Hayden Panettiere addresses Euromaidan with her fiancé, the brother of prominent opposition leader

Ukraine Opposition Fears Provocation to Justify Crackdown

LGBT group photo at Euromaidan here

Photo gallery of euromaidan on Sunday Dec 8

First three days: first person reports on the Euromaidan

Pianist at the Euromaidan

Russian TV Scrambles To Play Down Ukraine Protests Sunday’s anti-government protest, which attracted several hundred thousand people, may be the largest in Kiev yet, but Russian reporters are withholding the truth. One man even interrupted a reporter to hand him an Oscar “for his coverage.”

Religious leaders’ opinions on Ukraine politics, parties, trade, loans, EU association agreement etc

Saakashvili greeted rapturously at Euromaidan in Kiev

The Sochi Olympics

Sochi corruption— long and detailed work of investigative reporting on ridiculously expensive construction projects, updated December 6

German president to boycott Sochi Olympics

The World Cup

Brazilian soccer players on Saturday warned that a strike is “imminent” and criticized the game’s domestic ruling body for refusing to negotiate to avert action that would disrupt league matches next year.

Europe challenges Gazprom pipeline

Gazprom deal to build “South Stream” pipeline is now experiencing new European “recommendation”: “The European Commission is recommending that all European Union members who have signed agreements with Russia’s South Stream natural-gas pipeline project renegotiate the terms of their deals. Marlene Holzner, a spokeswoman for EU Energy Commissioner Gunther Oettinger, said on December 5 that the agreements signed with Russia’s Gazprom contradicted European legislation. ‘We have looked into the intergovernmental agreements [IGAs] that were made between the member states through which South Stream would flow through and Russia, and we have seen that on a number of very important core issues of our energy market, these core principles are not reflected in the IGA and that is why we have advised those member states to renegotiate these IGAs,’ Holzner said.” (RFERL) This is widely viewed as a response to the Russia-Yanukovych dealmaking.

LGBTQ in the Region and the Diaspora

1. Moldova
One student’s European adventure with gays and dormitories (in Romanian)

2. Ukraine
Pro-government demonstrators deployed a new tactic Friday to counter protests in favor of European integration, marching through the capital, Kiev, to oppose homosexuality, which they said would accompany a greater European Union role in Ukrainian affairs. Carrying religious icons and singing hymns, the group of about 1,000 Orthodox Christian supporters of President Viktor Yanukovych filed out of a monastery and marched to a city park. Marchers said they favored allegiance to Russia rather than Europe because Russia more closely matches the cultural and religious heritage of Ukraine, which was once part of the Soviet Union. They intend to draw attention to what they characterize as overly liberal European social values, they said. In neighboring Russia, state-controlled television, which can also be viewed in parts of Ukraine, has put the spotlight on European liberalism in the context of the Ukraine crisis by broadcasting clips of a Swedish television show intended to explain bodily functions to children. After showing excerpts, the Russian host, Dmitri Kiselev, said the show explained why ‘early sex is the norm’ in Sweden, and then concluded, ‘There you have European values in all their glory.'”

3. Diaspora
Demo for Belarus LGBT in USA: Washington-based Spectrum Human Rights held a picket in front of the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus on Saturday December 7, demanding the authorities to allow Belarus holding Gay Pride in Minsk write Facets LGBT. In Russian and English


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