Nov 27

On Tuesday, November, 26, activists of Spectrum Human Rights, RUSA LGBT and LGBT-Assistance organization handed over a joint petition addressed to the Dutch Ambassador Rudolf Bekink, asking to clarify the Dutch Foreign Affairs Minister’s statement that gays are not discriminated in Russia he made earlier this month.

Milonov entraps LGBT Film Festival using minors: he had 3 Orthodox 17 year olds pose as 18 year olds, get in to “Blue is the Warmest Color” screening, and then reveal themselves as underage to media. Milonov filed police report accusing the festival of violating ban on gay propaganda to minors. Side by Side stated that “all the festival activities carried out passport control at the sessions are not allowed viewers under 18. Verification of documents held in three phases – the first time the guards at the entrance, then the audience passport check when purchasing tickets at the box office, and then – if necessary – at the entrance to the auditorium.”

The St Petersburg Times report is worth quoting at length:

Anti-gay Legislative Assembly deputy Vitaly Milonov, representing the pro-Kremlin party United Russia, attempted to break into Jam Hall movie theater on Petrograd Side as a fourth bomb threat was placed against the Side by Side festival on Tuesday, Nov. 26. He arrived at the 8 p.m. screening of Blue Is the Warmest Color, which was preceded by a speech by British Consul General Keith Allan, minutes after the start of the film and tried to enter the theater with about 20 anti-gay protesters. Milonov was prevented from entering by the festival’s security guards and police. Milonov stated to police that he had received a report that ‘children’ were present at the screening of the ‘pornographic’ film about an ‘old prostitute Adele’ and demanded the police let him in to check the papers of those present. Despite being part of the festival the film, which won the Palme d’Or at this year’s Cannes film festival, is being screened independently in city movie theaters this week.

About 20 minutes into the screening two young women left the cinema and showed their passports to the anti-gay protesters and the media standing outside so they could see their birth dates. They claimed that they were 17 years old, had got in without their age being verified and walked out due to the film’s ‘sheer depravity.’ Five minutes later a young man exited the cinema, also claiming that he was 17 years old. Milonov announced that he would file a report with the police about the violation of the law protecting children from information harmful to their health and development.

Speaking to the website, Milonov admitted the minors belonged to the Young Guard, United Russia’s youth wing, but denied that that he was behind the incident. ‘The teenagers went there on their own, voluntarily, as members of the youth organization,’ Milonov is quoted as saying. ‘They are partially capable, because they are over 16, and believe that they are cleansing the city from a pest. This is a stance.’

Earlier, anti-gay nationalist groups announced a ‘total gathering’ near the ‘homo movie theater’ to stop the festival, but only about 20 activists showed up.

In a statement on Wednesday, representatives of Side by Side said they were ‘indignant at the fact that teenagers are being used by Milonov and his associates to entrap [the organizers]’ and would file a report with the police over his ‘exploiting children by involving them in illegal and fraudulent activities.’

Video of Milonov speaking to TV reporters from film festival… the insulting tweets he sent about the festival before going in person: “Deputy Milonov condemned Side by Side via social media as being a festival of ‘pedophiles, homosexual creative workers and foreign agents [posing as] human rights activists. … ‘The festival should be stopped,’ Milonov wrote on Twitter. ‘If perverts are anxious to watch so-called films about their ilk, they can go to Paris.’ He also condemned [St. Petersburg human rights commissioner Alexander] Shishlov for taking part in the opening. ‘Ombudsman Shishlov took part in a sodomite and pedophile get-together,’ Milonov wrote. ‘He has mistaken the perverts’ sexual urges for human rights. He has mistaken St. Petersburg for Sodom. I want to invite Shishlov to the Legislative Assembly and ask him what country he is working for.’ ” (St. Petersburg Times) … Milonov asked city council Minister Vladimir Medina to ban lgbt film fest as propaganda to minors… and filed a police report against film fest: St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly deputy Vitaly Milonow submits an application to the police on the organizers of the LGBT festival. According Milonova at last yesterday, November 26 session of the film “Life Adele” within the LGBT festival “Side by Side” was attended by minors, which, among other things, showed beer advertising.

the organizing committee of the film festival “Side by Side” made a statement saying they will investigate Milonov for “using adolescents [in] provocations” against LGBT Film Festival movie [and] take him to court for calling the festival audience “perverts and pedophiles” on twitter.

In Mykolaiv/ Nikolaiv (city in southern Ukraine), a school teacher has frightened children, distributing leaflets saying that in the EU, childrens’ organs are distributed to gays.: “The school number 51 of Nikolayev teacher of fifth graders spread leaflets [frightening] children by the fact that after the signing of the EU-Ukraine Association, they will be given to homosexuals for organ harvesting and for filming in porn movies.” According to one reader, the full text leaflets talk about video cameras in public toilets to follow, whether men urinate sitting down, and emergency crews euthanasia, which [supposedly] go around at night in the Netherlands.

Valery Zorkin, the Chairman of the Russian Federation Constitutional Court, in his speech dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Russian Constitution, made remarks about the potential risks of imposing “nontraditional” novelties of sexual and gender “emancipation” which might impact integrity of the Russian sociality and statehood.

Overview of Russian lgbtq situation and uncertainties of solidarity work from Western lgbtq “Very often, LGBT people are depicted as unpatriotic and fifth-column, and this is where Putin is playing a big role. He likes to divide society and to manipulate these groups to maintain his control. He needs to create external and internal threats,” says Igor Iasine.

In Crimea, burned plastic stuffed gays: in Simferopol near the building of the Verkhovna Rada of Crimea, a rally was held in support of the Ukrainian Cabinet’s decision to suspend European integration, and in support of calls to Ukraine’s accession to the Customs Union. During the action, the participants set fire to two plastic male mannequin lying on each other. To one of them was attached a poster reading “No gay marriage!” According to TSN, mostly elderly people came to the rally with placards and national flags of Ukraine. The posters were the inscriptions: “Do not let them dictate the terms of Europe”, “Sami build Europe in Ukraine” “save the economy of Ukraine”, “Crimeans for Ukraine’s national interests,” “No need to be sold – to work” and “For the Customs Union.” See video here:

New OP video shows young gay man kicked in the head, falls down unconscious, and new trans “capturing” video

Buzzfeed: Sochi Will Be The Most Expensive Olympics Ever — And It’s Not Even Close

Bloomberg on Russian oligarchs’ crankiness about Sochi: Sochi 2014 might as well be renamed Putin 2014, says Scott Antel, a partner at DLA Piper LLC in Moscow, who has worked on hotel projects in the region. Antel says Putin twisted billionaires’ arms to get the Olympics off the ground in return for letting their companies run their quasi-monopolies. [now] The government is demanding that the country’s biggest companies stand firm on commitments to bankroll the games

report on Russian funding of Ukrainian homophobia (in German)

the TV channel “Russia 1” distorts information about events at euromaidan (Kiev protests) (VIDEO)

Visitors to Red Square in the past few days have found themselves confronted by a giant Louis Vuitton trunk, seemingly perfect in every detail and so big that it dominates Moscow’s most iconic space and almost blots out other familiar features such as Lenin’s tomb, St. Basil’s cathedral, and the Spassky Tower.

A photograph of an Italian journalist posing with a pro-gay flag on Red Square moments before a run-in with police has gone viral online, drawing new attention to Russia’s attitude toward gays and bringing unexpected fame to the writer. on central station (Moscow gay bar) gas attack on hiring homeless to carry rainbow flags at euromaidan
In English and in Russian: “[protestors] carried banners reading ‘Rooster – it’s a bird, not a man’, ‘Europe = Homo’ and other samples of creativity.”

In the Volgograd regional court yesterday on trial Vlad Tornovogo – murdered on the grounds of homophobia no matter whether he was gay. In the news – not a word ….

Michael Kimmelman on Rio development as World Cup approaches “But the port redevelopment is mostly a commercial real estate deal, another example, critics complain, of a government in thrall to developers, with a new Museum of Tomorrow (whatever that may be), shaped like a giant flailing isopod, designed by Santiago Calatrava, yesterday’s architect. There is no real master plan, no guarantee that what’s good and worth preserving about the urban mix of the existing port won’t be sacrificed to a sea of office towers. Recent promises by the mayor to insert 2,000 units of public housing are belated and vague, announced to appease detractors while not upsetting investors. … A concrete complex of theaters, raised sky high on giant piers, the [city center] may be the most absurd new building in years. It can bring to mind that famous Stonehenge gag from the film “This Is Spinal Tap,” in which a design for a rock concert stage-set mislabeled feet as inches — except the proportions here are reversed. People in charge complained to me about whole sections of unusable seats without views, ineptly designed stages, halls without dressing rooms, windswept plazas and staircases going nowhere.”

NYT: Ukraine in Turmoil After Leaders Reject Major E.U. Deal


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