Nov 25

At the Kiev euromaidan, someone distributed rainbow flags to homeless people and paid them 100 USD each to march with the flags

Yesterday, November 24th, in the morning in the formation of columns protest the “European Belarus” to the participants came to about 50 homeless people with flags LGBT movement (the colors of the rainbow – and orange “For Evromaydan.”
Most of the participants were dressed in dirty clothes, some were drunk, say protesters. People met their cries of “provocateurs” and “shame.” They silently walked past rows of “Fatherland” and “Freedom” in front of the University. Shevchenko.
“This is a provocation, skip column provocateurs” – all the way they were accompanied by a man with a megaphone.
“We are for a healthy society, and so mischief. So we hired at the station, so we walked with the flags. I did before came here, did not know what they mean. Once the guys said that they also hired to walk with such flags, then beat them. We were given 50 hryvnia, has promised to give 50 then. Plus gave a bottle of vodka, “- said one of the participants afterwards.

photos here

Documentary Highlights Corruption in Sochi Construction
A documentary about extortion and threats surrounding the construction of the Sochi Olympic Village is slated to premiere in Moscow next month, despite what its producer said were attempts to bribe her into canceling a screening at a European [amsterdam] film festival this week.

“Putin’s game”: the authorities are trying to outbid a film about corruption in Sochi.

On side by side film fest, Gulya Sultanova

Four part (so far) diaries from St Petersburg Side by Side fest from Ed Wolf, one of the main people profiled in We Were Here, the documentary about gay men and AIDS in San Francisco. Ongoing.

Russians are best aware of the law banning the promotion of non-traditional sexual relations to minors (72%) , least of all – the adoption of the law on foreign agents NGOs (30%). More than half of citizens (59%) are aware of the limitations of anti-piracy measures on the Internet, half of the respondents – about toughening responsibility for rallies and insults of religious believers’ feelings.

Read in the Russian news media that “gay activists attacked Elena Mizulina in Leipzig”, many were surprised that this lady has invited in a decent position. In fact, the conference “For the future of the family,” which I arranged the protest, was in no way a decent place – it was a bunch of right-wing radicals, neo-fascists, anti-Semites and supporters of all sorts of conspiracy theories, that none of our current policies did not go and could not go at all. Of course, this was not on the marginal event and representatives of the Catholic and Protestant churches in Germany.

I was on the Compact Conference and it was disgusting
Stefan Lauer

Svoboda piece on Leipzig conference where Mizulina spoke

Dangerous Liaisons. Elena Mizulina as conductor of Western influence

Sochi project in the New Yorker

[Russian speaking] LGBT Activists Stage Kiss-In At Brooklyn Ikea To Protest Store’s Lesbian Scandal In Russia
“Instead of supporting Putin’s anti-gay terror, [Ikea] was supposed to stand up for us,” one of the organizers said.

Kiev takes a Timeout

Pro Ukraine photo meme uses quote from far right antigay politician

To support Yevromaydan
November 25, 2013, Kyiv – Ukrainian Charitable Organization “Fulcrum” expresses its support for Ukraine’s European aspirations. We also express our solidarity with all citizens who choose to enter the action peaceful protest and express their support for the European integration course.

Gay star news on gas attack at Central Station in Moscow

DC demo for Russia

Arsène Wenger has added his voice to the growing concern about conditions for migrant workers in Qatar, the host nation of the 2022 World Cup. The Arsenal manager has urged Fifa to put enough pressure on the Qatari government to address the kafala system, which ties workers to their sponsors and has been heavily criticised from a human rights perspective.

Brothel raids endanger Rio’s sex workers

Slovak Who Praised WWII Fascist Leader Wins Election


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