Nov 24

1. In the night of November 23 a well-known Moscow gay club “Central Station” was again under attack . Unknown malefactors sprayed some harmful gas inside the club among about 500 attendees. Several people sought medical attention but refused to go to a hospital.

Visitors metropolitan gay club “Central Station” for the fourth time they tried to poison gas

“In Moscow gay club ‘Central Station’ unknown sprayed gas. At this point in the room, there were about five hundred people. Employees of institutions failed in a few minutes to deal with gas using smoke machines. As reported by LifeNews, several visitors asked for help from doctors, but refused hospitalization. According to CEO Andrew Leszczynski places, this is the fourth case where the visitor places trying to poison him. ‘This is the fourth provocation against the club arranged by unknown persons. We believe that they are connected with the building owner’ he said. ‘Spray the gas in the premises of the club, thereby trying to express his extremist views against the LGBT community, who likes to visit our club.’ The club’s management intends to apply to the police to deal with the incident, to find intruders and prevent such actions.”

2. Attackers second time “undermine” venue LGBT Film Festival movie “Side by Side”. Threats of violence are pouring in social networks.

Sunday morning: @sidebysideff: #IMPORTANT Today screenings will not be! We take a break for #one day to solve some organizational issues. Stay tuned for updates. #RT

3. Putin has lost control of non state actors. “It seems even Putin understands that control of the situation in the country is lost, and at any time before February 2014 can be brutally murdered or tortured even any foreign or Russian citizen that may entail disruption of the Sochi Olympics.”

4. HRW on anti trans law in Ukraine “Order No. 60 of the Ukrainian Ministry of Health Protection requires transgender people to first undergo 30 to 45 days of confinement in a psychiatric institution to be diagnosed with ‘transsexualism.’ Having children under 18, being married, or disagreeing with the volume of surgeries required by law all stand in the way of something that should be straightforward: obtaining a passport with one’s true name and gender recognized.”

5. Euromaidan protest in Kiev draws 100k… ends in rioting, tear gas, and tent city construction

Images and Photos. Power Vertical podcast on Vilnius; Russian poster on Ukraine’s choice EU vs Russia. Interactive cartoon on Vilnius

6. Consequences for moldova of Ukraine’s choice
” If [ukraine] decides to join the customs union with Russia, says Mr Leanca, it will be ‘more difficult for us to resist pressure.’ One source of that pressure is Transnistria where Russian soldiers are stationed. The leadership of Transnistria wants Russia to recognise it. “

Lithuanian expert: Transnistria was created to control the destiny of Moldova

7. Mike Bohm on “My Clash With Homophobes on Russian TV


8. Minky Worden in Washington Post: Russia’s anti-gay laws threaten the Olympics’ character

9. International financial services corporations may pressure or boycott countries where gays are discriminated against
“‘We are probably not there yet but I think in some of these markets we may reach a tipping point where corporates will say we are not prepared to do business in this market.’ Jeff Davis, a managing director at Barclays Bank, revealed he was surprised by pleased his firm took a strong stance against the Anti-Homosexuality Bill – dubbed the Kill the Gays Bill in Uganda. Bank executives met with Ugandan government leaders to speak against the legislation which has now stalled again. And Colin Grassie, the chief executive of Deutsche Bank UK, indicated that intervening in homophobic and transphobic countries is now relatively common. He said: ‘We have talked to regulators, we have talked to politicians and we have talked to people in authority and we have said we know you have a starting point and it does not dignify you. ‘It is not consistent with global standards so you are sub-standard.'”

10. On November, 23 activists blocked the Leipzig Globano conference center entrance as a start of the protest staged in Germany against conference of the right wing magazine “Compact” with participation of homophobic Russian MP Elena Mizulina, main lobbyist of the gay propaganda to minors ban law, Alexey Kozlov reports.


11. The Svoboda party in Ukraine is homophobic, nationalist, far right, anti Semitic and anti Russian. But pro EU.

12. Che Guevara In The Caucasus
Armed only with four bumbling communists, 26 bottles of wine, some Soviet catnip, and $200,000 that may or may not have existed, a lone wolf lawmaker from Georgia tried to start a revolution in Vladimir Putin’s Russia. It didn’t quite go as planned.
To viewers of Russian state television, he is a criminal mastermind from a rogue state who uses witless activists as pawns in dastardly plots against the Kremlin. To Mikhail Saakashvili, the man who was president of Georgia for nine years until Sunday, he is “our benign merchant Che Guevara,” selflessly spreading Western ideas of freedom and democracy to the darkest corners of the former Soviet Union. To Russia’s embattled opposition, he is a dangerous provocateur whose meddling all but unraveled their movement just at the moment when Vladimir Putin began to crack down.

Givi Targamadze, a doughy, slightly graying Georgian member of parliament who speaks Russian with a molasses-thick accent and laughs in seal-like whelps, seems an unlikely candidate for all these roles.

13. New book to highlight ‘Well Managed Cover-Up’ Of Ukrainian Famine


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