October 19-26

Oct 19
Seemingly the bill about taking children from gay parents may be withdrawn; slightly ambiguous new development. “Official Russian State Duma website have posted an update to the Deputy Zhuravlev’s initiative on taking away children from same-sex families. The webpage belongs to the Deputy Mizulina’s Family Committee and it’s timeline has an update on October, 16 stating of incoming letter for ‘bill withdrawal’. However, it does not specify neither the author of the letter nor the letter content. The bill page heading still reads as it is ‘on consideration’ “
I think that olga Batalina (Mizulina sidekick) has confirmed the withdrawal to kostyuchenko per Igor Iasine : @iasineigor: Костюченко сообщает, что Баталина подтвердила отзыв законопроекта о лишении #ЛГБТ родительских прав. Журавлев сам отозвал. Отлично. Translation @ Iasineigor: Kostjuchenko reports that Batalina confirmed the review of the draft law on deprivation # LGBT parental rights. Zhuravlev he recalled. Excellent.
… but they are going to tweak the language and then re submit the bill “‘He responds to the revision, will be specified legal language, and after eliminating some point he will be submitted to the Duma again,’ said the deputy press secretary Sophia Cherepanov. She noted that the review of the document has nothing to do with the change of the position of the member of parliament. ‘That study, which was set forth in a memorandum and what sent a bill – not to be involved in a homosexual orientation.’ “


Oct 20

Moscow LGBTQ activists have applied for protest permits for October 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 and 28. The government refused permits for 5 of these dates so far. LGBTQ activists will apply for every day for the rest of the year.

A Croatian religious social movement “in the name of the family” has filed charges against an lgbt portal alleging some comments to be hate speech. this is the same group driving a referendum to ban same sex marriage. Croatia joined the EU this past July 1. the religious right seems to be developing tactics for the EU context.

GlobalPost has 5 part series on ukraine and moldova’s EU association. One of five parts is on gay issues and quotes Moldovan gay man who’d been beaten by a homophobe who lured him with online personal ad
Armenian analyst is confident that ukraine and moldova will sign EU association agreements but has doubts about Georgia: “’The Ukrainian government has made two or three decisions to sign an Association Agreement in Vilnius. A political consensus on the issue has been reached in Moldova as well. But I am concerned over Georgia because a political agreement has been reached there as well despite numerous possible weak points similar to those Armenia had,’ Mr Sakunts told Tert.am.”
According to most respondents (47%), the signing of a free trade agreement with the EU is more advantageous to Ukraine than accession to the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan (34%), and 19% failed to answer this question.

HRW letter to Armenia about its tabled-for-now gay propaganda ban. Letter is from August but was only made public this week.
Armenia: Parliamentary discussion to change or repeal gender equality law delayed by up to one year

19 October was memorial for transgender girl from Ekaterinburg who had committed suicide

Queer Nation demo against Russian investment event at Princeton Club in NYC Monday Oct 28 at 9am

Montenegro allowed Podgorica pride October 20. Antigay extremists trying to get to pride marchers threw stones and firebombs at police. 150 pro lgbtq vs 1500 anti. Montenegro is an EU candidate country.

Gay volleyball and badminton tournaments in Moscow in November “their goal – to develop and promote volleyball among gays and lesbians, and gay-friendly community of people.”

Two Russian intelligence officials say that the United States is planning to unleash a climate weapon to keep the weather in Sochi far above freezing and thus embarrass Russia. The story suggests that Moscow is looking for someone to blame if, as some meteorologists predict, the Winter Olympics in the subtropics proves to be too warm for sports that require snow and ice http://www.argumenti.ru/toptheme/n410/291408 via window on Eurasia

Police in Moscow are to hold weekly operations to round up unauthorized migrants, the city’s head of police said Friday, unveiling a strategy apparently aimed at alleviating discontent over growing numbers of foreign, undocumented workers in the city.

New EU accession reports: LGBT rights in the Western Balkans and Turkey.

Oct 21

A lawyer of the Russian LGBT Network, Mary Kozlovskaya, was attacked outside the court in St. Petersburg today oct 21. A young man with a bandaged face scarf attacked Mary, throwing eggs at her. Two eggs hit the head.
In the Magistrate’s Court today [was] the case of the attack from behind by mask wearing nationalists on the LGBT activists 12 June 2012 [using pepper spray]. Some time ago, at the courthouse during the meetings, similar provocations [happened]. After a reprimand from the judge, the [hateful] court actions ceased. Today was to be held the final hearing on the case of the attack. At the trial, people listened to the testimony of the accused Dmitry Deyneko who beat LGBT activist. Deyneko denied any involvement in the beatings. The main witness to the beatings, a photographer, died a few days ago in (official version) murder suicide with his common law wife. Next hearing Oct 28.

Gay.ru polls its readers about whether boycotts help or hurt lgbtq Russians. Poll is within article about the Queer Nation event October 28.
“International boycotts help fight for the rights of Russian LGBT?
•Yes, homophobia is shameful affair
•No, it came to nothing for boycotts of Russian gays
•The struggle for LGBT rights must be carried out of Russia”
In English: http://bit.ly/1h0OahH
In Russian: http://www.gay.ru/news/rainbow/2013/10/21-27330.htm

The pussy riot member who was released from jail supports a Sochi boycott: “Samutsevich, who is now the one of the three out of prison, told reporters: ‘I support the boycott because I do not think at this stage there is any other way to make our authorities see and understand because they keep ignoring the rights of their citizens… and at this stage there is no other way to affect change, because the authorities have taken hostage of the media, so perhaps this boycott can be a symbol of criticism being voiced.’
Samutsevich also made the shocking claim that high-profile Russian athletes are facing immense pressure to publicly ‘adopt anti-gay views’ and appear supportive of their country’s institutionalized anti-LGBT sentiment. The musician specifically mentioned Russian pole vaulter Yelena Isinbayeva, who previously condemned homosexuality after competitors painted their fingernails rainbow in a statement of solidarity with LGBT Russians.”
http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/17/pussy-riot-olympic-boycot_n_4116397.html?ncid=edlinkusaolp00000003 and http://m.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-24564982

Arbat District demo activist Ildar Dading could get 10 years in prison for a rally in support of LGBT “After participating in the LGBT civil action activist Ildar Dading charged under article 318 of the Criminal Code ( ” The use of violence against a representative of authorities ” ) . Depending on the part of the article , an activist on it could face up to 10 years. As reported by his friends on the page, an activist in the ” Facebook ” , it is the prosecutor’s office , where he was taken to the police department , ” Arbat” . The detention was carried out in a rigid form , Dading was beaten , and he called for an ambulance , and then escorted to the hospital , from which he returned to the police station.”
http://lgbt-grani.livejournal.com/1915319.html and http://rosuznik.org/news/380
Dimka Melnik please let me know if I misread this story… Complicated

video footage of Montenegro Pride, article says that anti gay activists broke windows as well as threw stones at police.
Video interview with Xheni Karaj of Albania, who was at Podgorica Pride, on her work in Albania and security concerns. Sweden’s Civil Rights Defenders have a Natalia Project to alert supporters when human rights defenders are assaulted, kidnapped, killed, or are at risk. Xheni is included.
Natalia Project “Natalia Project equips those at risk with GSM/GPS assault alarm hardware, sending a distress signal with time / place in case of an attack to local contacts and Civil Rights Defenders HQ so that they can react in accordance with security protocol tailored to the individual needs. The alarm is also pushed through mobile and social media to nataliaproject.org’s global network.” http://natalia.civilrightsdefenders.org/

More on transwoman Dasha Shtern who committed suicide October 16 “But when Shtern’s bosses feared continuing to employ her would break ‘gay propaganda laws’, she lost everything.”

One in 10 gay youth in Serbia contemplate suicide. 4% have a suicide plan.
in English http://bit.ly/1h1TtgC
in Russian http://lgbt-grani.livejournal.com/1921295.html

Sum of us + allOut petition to Coke to speak publicly on Russia

Another leading artist, director-author Pavel (Paul) Sanaev, speaks against antigay laws
“Q: Problems cropped up in the country, but no solutions in sight. Instead, in St. Petersburg, for example, the Parliament adopts ‘antigeysky’ law prohibit exhibitions, concerts, arresting pictures …
A: This is similar to the sublimation of the absurd. There are simple things that a lot of waves. The legality of vessels, the prospects of development, innovation, real, and not decorative. For example, I do not care about gay people, and the question of why our oil money we put in foreign banks by 0.7%, then occupy them there at 7 and give out loans to individuals at 14-20%. Why the economy is a situation that our industrialists to build profitable tractor plant in Canada, and not at home? How is it that there are cheaper electricity and lower taxes? Why fly from New York to Los Angeles twice cheaper than from Moscow to Kaliningrad? Rather than seriously address these vital issues, the fight begins with ‘windmills spirituality.’ As the number of problems increases, and becomes more ‘mills’ absurd increases. It is a symptom of serious illness of society, and I think the most important thing in this situation, maintain sobriety of mind. Again and again aggressively raise important issues and ignore the absurd.”
in english http://bit.ly/1fRiE6z
in russian http://www.spb.aif.ru/culture/person/949304

Southern Poverty Law Center on Scott Lively’s October trip to Russia
Lively’s own blog on subject http://www.scottlively.net/2013/10/18/report-from-moscow/

Dutch government takes Russia to court over Greenpeace activists

Deadly suicide bombing in Volgograd near Sochi
Live blog on implications for terror at Sochi

Moldovan antigay activists claim that LGBTQ are trying to silence them and deny them free speech (article from 2011 but repeatedly retweeted recently)

He is serious experienced activist if this is the same Ildar Dadin http://grani.ru/Events/Crime/m.216067.html in english http://bit.ly/16w21VI

Oct 22

In Russian Pop Culture, It’s 50 Shades Of Gay

Masha Gessen on her emotional roller coaster ride over the weekend regarding the child custody bill, and how repeated abuse lowers standards and expectations

November 2 march against hatred event “IN RUSSIA WITHOUT POGROMS” denied access to the rally’s traditional location Sakharov square because square was booked by a youth program “Healthy Youth – a strong Russia.” However no such event exists.

Slightly more polished English in this version of Maria kozlovskaya attack story from yesterday… Includes fact that the photographer witness who jumped to his death also had a neck wound.

study on anti lgbt hate crimes in Lithuania

HRC Memorial gets letter from Duma on migrant visa policy

In Brazil, more buildings are seized by residents in need of housing, as World Cup and Olympics related displacement and corruption inspire intense housing rights activism
Just How Much Neighborhood Transformation Can You Get From an Art Project? (On painting-a-Rio-favela art project on kickstarter)
Theresa Williamson of Rio on Watch speaking thurs at Villanova https://www.facebook.com/CatComm/posts/10152303858383858:0

Masha bast video blogs 5, 6, and 7
5. on her charitable foundation http://youtu.be/KGtvzSIAHPs
6 music video http://youtu.be/r3YrfhXfCnc
7. On her political views http://youtu.be/-7n6gaea7NE

Russia may ban Dutch tulips over Greenpeace boat in Arctic

Oct 23

ethnography-memoir about a Russian gay club written by woman who cleans it
In Russian: http://www.the-village.ru/village/situation/howto/133393-uborka
In English: http://bit.ly/1bXtVO3

This morning, Oct 23, AIDS activists of “Patient Control” requested that HIV be declared an emergency. Protestors chained themselves to a government building and were detained. Chants were “Ministry of Health-Bureau of funeral!”, “it’s time to give HIV in EMERGENCY, Protocols-legal Drugs-new prevention-fair!”, “SOS-save our lives!”, “our lives in the hands of the President” Annual infections are 100k. Only 150k out of 1,250,000 people living with HIV are on treatment. Prevention is minimal.
and (in English) http://bit.ly/1dkaBOM
Screening of United in Anger Nov 3 in Moscow https://www.facebook.com/events/667402286625492/

The next wave of NGO inspections is coming, says human rights lawyers Agora. The Rainbow Association, the left leaning lgbtq group, is coming under a second round of investigation/ intimidation. Also groups defending migrants are being prosecuted again and facing a new Duma bill. “Elected officials have prepared a draft law on state non-profit organizations that will help authorities crack down on ’illegals.’”
In Russian: http://www.svobodanews.mobi/a/25144457.html
In English: http://bit.ly/16w21VI

Great aggregation page on Russian human rights sphere that is lgbtq inclusive but not exclusively about LGBTQ. Multilingual and includes English in article description most of the time.

Riots in Brazil regarding overspending on World Cup related stuff, underpayment of teachers
Pro soccer players in Brazil jump on protest bandwagon with “Common Sense FC.” Trying to make the Brazilian soccer calendar more like Europe’s.
In English: http://bit.ly/1ahT9r8 and http://bit.ly/1eKbhel

Michael Kosenko is put into psychiatric hospital

Russia lowers charges against Greenpeace activists from piracy to hooliganism but charges are still disproportionate
petition on greenpeace activist

Oct 24

More information on the relatively easily transmitted new strain of HIV in Russia, Chechnya, etc-
In the Advocate
Crisis for palliative care in russia: only 19% of cancer and AIDS patients have adequate opioids: “The Federal AIDS Centre official statistics show that HIV-positive numbers dramatically increased from less than 900 in 1994 to over 700,000 in 2012. In 2005, there were nearly 1,000 cases of AIDS, by 2012 that number had risen to over 19,000.”

Kazakhstan: Gay Rights Debate Heats Up Amid Homophobic Outbursts
Soros Foundation report on LGBTQ in Kazakhstan from 2009

Lawsuit over Ryazan censorship law headed to russian Supreme Court

Oleg dusaev and his partner marry in NYC

Amnesty granted to two brothers alleged to have bombed gay friendly bar DIY in Yerevan Armenia
Armenian lgbtq protest at council of Europe conference on xenophobia, angry at Armenian impunity for bombing of DIY bar
http://hetq.am/eng/news/30149/protestors-disrupt-international-%E2%80%9Chate-crime%E2%80%9D-conference-in-yerevan.html#.UmUcclZqjAU.twitter and http://www.epress.am/en/2013/10/21/video-activists-in-armenia-interrupt-conference-on-combating-racism-xenophobia-and-intolerance.html and http://gayarmenia.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/ps-action-photo-video-media-reports.html?m=1
Pink Armenia story about COE conference protest

Johnny Weir won’t speak about censorship law during Olympics

New laws censor the Internet and allow frivolous defamation suits, while Russian state cyber eavesdropping surpasses even the US NSA programs
“the State Duma passed a law that recriminalized defamation for both online and offline media, and in the same month passed a law that allows the telecommunications regulatory authority and other government agencies to add domain names and IP addresses to a “blacklist” of websites that internet service providers (ISPs) must block. Most significantly, government agencies are not required to obtain a court order before blocking websites”
Thurs oct 31 event on Russian Internet censorship at Harriman institute
Vkontakte has been collaborating with the Kremlin, giving data on protestors and organizers to the police

Stephen Fry Out there episodes on YouTube
Pt 1 http://youtu.be/vyNis-z0Rg0
Pt 2 http://youtu.be/tc19KxerK7U

Probably the most serious prosecution of an NGO under the foreign agent registration law: Amnesty international statement on recent court decision against memorial Ryazan (anti discrimination) for failing to register as a foreign agent

Khodorkovsky Times opinion piece “ten years a prisoner”

Oct 25

More on the Russian AIDS demonstration October 23 (with video)

The EU-Ukraine tango on gay rights

Groups against Ukrainian EU association demonstrate in front of legislature, decry “homodictatorship” and “the homo bdsm pedophile”

In ukraine, a mainstream ish LGBT group claims that another lgbt group, Rainbow Square, is false flag and bogus, a gambit by pro Russian politicians to scare Ukrainians with loud and exaggerated lgbt militancy. I don’t know who to believe. The maybe-fake maybe-real group hung two rainbow flags in Kiev, from a bridge and a building, and made “loud and proud” ish event invites online, forcefully demanding an anti discrimination law rather than accepting evasions and compromises. The gay alliance of the ukraine says: “the only asset of those who oppose the rapprochement between Ukraine and the EU [has become] a ‘gay horror’ and totally unfounded allegations that immediately after the signing of the Association Agreement in Ukraine [there] will be same-sex marriages. … As might be expected, the myth of ‘total homosexual[ization]’ of the country as a result of signing the Agreement is one of the primary assets of the opponents [of EU association] : [they are trying to scare] Ukrainians [with an image of] gays and lesbians who are [portrayed] as a kind of mythological creature. It is for this reason that in the last month, the Ukrainians have witnessed a number of provocations ostensibly on behalf of LGBT people, [with] which the gay community does not really have anything [to do].”
Pravda Ukraine article on false flag group in English
the VK group page for the “Rainbow Square for Yanukovych”
Ukrainian lgbt disavowals of Rainbow Square “LGBT Movement in Ukraine does not consider pressure on politicians proper, so until the November summit in Vilnius, when the signing of the Association Agreement is expected, we are not planning any [demonstrations].”
http://bit.ly/1igN6Uv and http://bit.ly/1alXeus
Rainbow square organizer Andrey Litvinenko
https://vk.com/id226660222 and https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006791140062
VK event page for the demonstrations starting on Oct 27.

Anti lgbtq activists in St Petersburg create hate list of academics and researchers working on gender and sexuality

Federal prosecutors in Brazil have sought an injunction to block the use of public funds to pay for temporary infrastructure at stadiums that will host games at soccer’s World Cup next year.

16% surge in Russian asylum
Seekers in US

ILGA Europe meets in Zagreb. Opening video summarizes last year of developments in Europe.

Occupy Pedophilia founder makes video to distance himself from possible anti migrant riots November 4

A UK woman, Rachel Ashworth, assaulted a man falsely named as a pedophile on website Predator Watch. “The court heard that Predators Watch had identified innocent people and then demanded money for these names to be removed. The site has since been closed down… In May, Gary Cleary hanged himself in Leicestershire after he was confronted by members of the now defunct vigilante group Letzgohunting.”
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2448371/Woman-jailed-organising-beating-man-wrongly-named-paedophile.html And

Interview with activist who tries to fight occupy pedophilia in Russia

Occupy Pedophilia activist, Elena Gorbushkova, aka Elena SS, was found killed with 20 stab wounds in Chelny on October 13. Gorbushkova, 30, was a security guard and mother of a small child. Another Occupy Pedophilia member, Nikita Arkhipov, a 27-year-old welder, killed her at the behest of a rival leader named Olga. Elena had started a rival faction and may have been an informant to law enforcement. Arkhipov admitted his guilt.
http://bit.ly/16yIILy and http://bit.ly/17MEKPF
in April Elena G. and a man had assaulted migrants in a garden
Chelny chapter of Occupy Pedophilia closes. “In social networks, the position of ‘Occupy pedofilyay’ daily subjected to disparaging criticism in the comments characterize them as ‘paranoid,’ ’provocateurs’ and ’fascists.’”

Gay Kazan man files lawsuit with European Court of Human rights. Gay men and lesbians have been able to serve in the Russian military since 2003. But “he demanded [that the regiment] morally prepare soldiers to serve in the same regiment as persons with different orientations. The other day, the Supreme Court had rejected the claim of Tatarstan.”

On Cynicism in Soviet and post Soviet politics and culture “Sloterdijk maintains that cynicism cannot be attacked by any rational or emotional criticism; next to it idealism or morality look simply stupid. For this reason and to counterbalance cynicism, he puts forward the category ‘kynicism’ (originating, according to him, withDiogenes of Sinope). ‘Cynicism can only be stemmed by kynicism, not by morality. Only a joyful kynicism of ends is never tempted to forget that life has nothing to lose except itself… Nor can it be said of the Pussy Rioters, as it could of Soviet tricksters, that they reconcile us to the generally accepted cynicism, while endowing it with a sheen of artistic brilliance. On the contrary, they deprived cynicism of its glamour, which is why the reaction to them was so violent and so cruel.”

“Gay Propaganda” bilingual book of russian love stories, out Feb 2014 from OR Books


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