Nov 22

LGBT Murmansk turns to court to protest hate campaign on TV
“The talk show started with a documentary claiming that a strong homosexual lobby in Europe is spending lots of money on campaigns in Russia, trying to persuade youngsters to take part in their abnormal life style. Many sequences are taken directly from Dutch Kris Van der Veen`s documentary material. The young film director was arrested, together with his film crew, on a visit to Murmansk this summer. The four filmmakers were interrogated for nine hours accused for conducting homosexual propaganda on Russian soil, as they, evidently, had interviewed a minor.”

Russia ‘waiting until after Olympics to bring in more anti-gay laws’

Duma Deputy Yelena Mizulina made a proposal to consolidate the special role of Orthodoxy in the Russian Constitution, referring to the fact that religion is the basis of national and cultural identity of the country.

A number of organizations and celebrities are calling for a boycott of the 2014 Winter Olympics to protest harsh anti-gay policies in Russia. But a drag queen in Sochi, the host city, explains why it would be wrong.

In Kiev there was a huge anti-gay graffiti. giant inscription ” Dovecote – Go! ” On the waterfront near the metro station “Dnepr” . Looking closely, you will notice that graffiti poster advertises Golubki. net. This – the project of Russian skin “Tesak ” – Maxim Marcinkiewicz . “Golub” or dove is a denigrating term for gay men.

MM new website

“One of longest-standing Russian newspapers, Trud (Labor), responded to the array of criticisms coming from the West with an editorial titled ‘Senior members of the global ‘dovecot‘ keep pecking Russia’. A dove, in Russian, is sometimes used to refer to gay people.”

Fckh8 Facebook thread on coloring books

Another pro gay coloring book from earlier this year

Sochi Countdown – 11 Weeks to the Olympiad in the North Caucasus
1. North Capital Can Aspire to 2024 Summer Games if 2014 Winter Games in Sochi Succeed
2. Many Sochi Residents Continue to Live without Electricity and Gas … Without potable water … Without heat or safe streets … But now with smog … And higher prices
3. Olympic Construction Destroying Sports Facilities for Sochi Residents.
4. Some Muslims in Russia Fear Sochi Portends for Them What 1936 Berlin Olympiad Did for Jews.
5. New Sochi Construction Impressive, But Who Will Use It After Olympiad?
6. Some Sochi Residents Stop Paying Rent Because They Haven’t Been Paid Wages
7. Kremlin Said Using Sochi Not Only to Steal from Russians but to Take Away Their Rights.
8. Ever More Sochi Officials Charged with Crimes
9. Sochi Spending Hurting Many Russian Regions, Zubarevich Says
10. Billions for Sochi But Nothing for Russian Teachers and Doctors or for Public Safety
11. Moscow’s NTV Says Circassians Among Those Who Seek Russia’s Disintegration.

Russian Anti-Gay Law is an Attempt to ‘Exclude Sexuality’ from Human Rights and Citizenship, Expert Says. Writing in the “Russian Analytic Digest,” Kai Wilkinson, an Australian expert on gay rights, argues that “the introduction of legislation seeking to keep LGBTQ people firmly behind a close and policed closet door … marks an attempt by Russia to actively exclude sexuality from norm of human right and by extension citizenship. [This step] represents the operationalization of traditional values as a basis for human right [and] sets a dangerous precedent for the denial of the rights of citizenship to any group at odds with traditional values, as well as encouraging the use of moral vigilantism to censure dissent of any kind”

German Greens Leader Says Sochi Games Must Acknowledge Circassian Tragedy. Speaking at the opening of an exhibit on Circassian history in Hamburg, Cem Ozdemir, the head of the German Greens movement, said that at a minimum Moscow must acknowledge the tragedy that the Circassian people suffered there in 1864.

Ukrainian Internet memes protest the rejection of the association agreement

Protest in Kiev central square thurs nov 21

Big Kiev pro EU protest sun nov 24

Peter Pomerantsev on Yanukovich in LRB
“When the Ukrainian president, Viktor Yanukovich, was a young hoodlum on the make in late 1960s Soviet Donetsk – or so the story goes – he made his first money through the following ruse: he would lurk in a cubicle in a public toilet in winter. When a man came into the cubicle next door, he would wait for the opportune moment, then lean over, grab the man’s expensive fur hat and make a run for it: the victim, caught with his pants down, mid-crap, was in no state to give chase….Yanukovich essentially arranged a last-minute bidding war between the EU and Moscow: the one side offering IMF loans, the other something more. According to Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the parliamentary leader of Batkivshchyna, the main opposition party, Yanukovich has forced $20 billion out of the Kremlin, some of which will fund his election campaign in 2015. The president has grabbed as many fur hats as possible.”


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