Nov 21

Nov 21

Side by Side LGBT Film Festival 2013 grand opening in St. Petersburg disrupted by bomb threat call. Guests evacuated. No bomb found, screening proceeded after 1.5 hour delay.
“Earlier this day, a regular guest at LGBT events and concurrently the head of the St. Petersburg “Narodniy Sobor” antigay group Anatoly Artyukh attacked LGBT activist Kirill Kalugin. ” ‘I was in a coffee shop at the “Warshavsky Express ” drinking coffee when I was attacked by Artyukh. He snatched a mug from my his hands, trying to pour it over me and to pull the earring out of my ear , grabbed my hands and spitted on me . Now I ‘m in the 77 police station. Artyukh said I was trying to assult him’, Kirill told Rosbalt.”

Coloring book responses:
Coloring book may be banned as gay propaganda

In the State Duma they consider the possibility to increase the punishment for gay propaganda. However, [a leading politician] explained that to impose liability for sodomy is not necessary. Earlier it was reported that the head of the St. Petersburg branch of the “National Council” Anatoly Artyukh proposed to replace the administrative responsibility for violation of the criminal law banning gay propaganda and sodomy.

Yandex (search engine) search for “Americans are going to corrupt Russian children during the Olympics” with coloring book. About 54 articles as of today.

The HIV infection rate in Russia has grown 7 percent this year, with an average infection rate of 35.7 cases per 100,000 people, according to state statistics.

Queer Nation “Road to Sochi” preview video

Stephen Colbert on Sochi

Gergiev to Perform at Sochi Opening Ceremony

Ukraine’s government decided Thursday to call off the planned signing of a landmark association agreement with the EU that could have weakened the former Soviet nation’s bonds with Russia.

The New York Times Editorial Board To Russia: ‘Do As We Say, Not As We Do

In the end, the EU brought a baguette to the knife fight over Ukraine, and unsurprisingly their starchy weaponry couldn’t compete with Russian steel. Brussels tried to entice Ukraine with a deal for cheap natural gas, but that paled in comparison to the overt threats (and likely clandestine gifts) Moscow brought to bear.

Video on the offers from both sides

Mike Bohm of Moscow Times makes video (in Russian) on why he shouldn’t apologize for saying that Russia is at a primitive stage on the lgbt issue

Essay on endurance artist Peter P. by Aleksei Plutser-Sarno “a media artist and [former] member and ideologist of the Voina Art Collective”

Bolotnaya: Sergei Krivov, 52, hunger strike enters its 63rd day. Krivov fainted at court hearing Tuesday. Bobby Sands, 27, died on day 66 of his hunger strike.

German language news item on Sochi, corruption, lgbt

Ildar Dading detained in Moscow on Manezh Square. According to ATS-Info witnesses – Dading stood with a poster “Putin – Russia shame.” When Dading started vykrivat slogans – he was approached by police and arrested. Currently Dading driven to the police, most likely it will bring in the police department China Town.

English-language Petition to close queer and trans bashing vk groups

WOLF-homophobia: newish antigay VK group. Cited in article on the shooting at LaSky as meeting place for homophobes. Lots of discussion about the coloring books.

another homophobic vk group

updated list of ngo’s prosecuted under foreign agents law

Dima c livejournal entry: “Just talked to [the professor who] operated on me yesterday. It is reported that the retina is torn badly, the nerve was killed and does not respond to stimulation current view on the eye and it will never happen – the final diagnosis.”

dima’s video blog cream of protest
4 videos on youtube

7 videos on vk

The Russian State Duma deputies proposed an introduction of the “Separatist Propaganda” article in the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and establishing a prison sentence of three to six years for said propaganda. So far this is only a draft bill, and its future is unclear.

Russia’s lawmakers want 10-20 year sentences for separatist propaganda. Compare: rape (3-6 yrs), murder (6-15 yrs)
With Siberia’s enormous natural resources being mercilessly exploited by Russia, and now China as well, Aleksei Tarasov wonders if the region might some day amount to more than someone else’s colony.

Moscow mayor: No more mosques in my city
The mayor says that the move is meant to discourage illegal immigration, but critics say it is corruption that is fueling migration, not mosques.


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