Nov 20

FCKH8 coloring books prompt family values organization to start petition to restore sodomy laws in russia: St. Petersburg branch of the NGO “People’s Council/People’s Cathedral”, headed by Anatoly Artyukh, announced the All-Russian petition for the return of the Criminal Code articles for sodomy. It was a response to the emergence of foreign children coloring books about Misha and his two moms going to the Olympics.

United Russia has found gay propaganda in children’s coloring. State Duma deputy Alexei Zhuravlev (“United Russia”) sent a supervisor Roskomnadzora Alexander Zharov written request asking them to check and prevent a possible “diversion” to promote same-sex sexual relations among children in the Sochi Olympics. The document contains the address of a site on the Internet… At the address is the presentation of children’s coloring books, the illustrations that clearly represented same-sex relationships of people attending the Olympic Games, said the deputy. In Russian and in english. Also a minor pro Kremlin newspaper, the Komsomolskaya Pravda, picks up the FCKH8 coloring book story. “During the Cold War, it would be called ideological deviation. And right would have done. Because the idea of American, specializing in the production of “antigomofobnoy aways”, by all indications pulls on mind control. And the most heinous that it is designed for small children.” in Russian and English. As did, here in english.

Russia’s Putin warns against homophobia as Olympics approach

Ikea edits “customer magazine” for russia, removes lesbian couple

Espn-w: The Word: Impact Of Russia’s Anti-Gay Laws
Julie Foudy and Kate Fagan discuss the effect that Russia’s anti-gay laws have on women’s sports. They agree that more men than women will come out because women are more dependent on sponsors and coaching jobs. Also fewer straight allies in women’s sports due to guilt by association with lesbian athlete stereotype

Winter Olympics’ openly gay athlete: I want Vladimir Putin to get to know me. For Blake Skjellerup, Sochi 2014 is an opportunity for sporting success and breaking Russia’s ‘oppressive’ anti-gay laws

Moscow Times “Gay rights activists, furious about Russia’s ‘gay propaganda’ law, got a Russian investment conference barred from a prominent New York venue and convinced the New York Stock Exchange to cancel plans to allow a visiting Russian government delegation to ring the closing bell.”

the “gay propaganda” laws are a way of punishing Russians who collaborate with outside artists, and potentially athletes, who are seen to be importing values that are in contravention with Russian culture

Kyle Parker, chief architect of Magnitsky Act and the senior policy advisor for Russia at the U.S. Helsinki Commission, spoke at Bowdoin College on Monday at an event called “From Chechnya to Pussy Riot: Human Rights and the Russian Reset.” Audio recording here: “Seldom does the death of a single person create shockwaves across the entire planet. However, when an ordinary Russian, a lowly accountant, was imprisoned and eventually died in a Russian prison, his name became a symbol for the struggle for human rights, and the reasons for a significant rift in the international community.”

The Council of Europe’s Human Rights Commissioner Nils Muižnieks has condemned the posthumous trial of Sergei Magnitsky, just four months after a Russian court found the deceased lawyer and his former boss, Hermitage Capital founder Bill Browder, guilty of tax evasion in the country’s first modern-day posthumous trial.

EU Lawmakers Expand Effort to Sanction Russian Rights Abusers “According to a Levada Center poll, 44 percent of Russians support US and EU visa bans on officials who engage in human rights violations, with only 21 percent opposing”

Mon Dec 2 at Columbia in NYC “THE SOCHI OLYMPICS AND THE ROLE OF ATHLETES” with Johnny Weir and his husband.
Online registration is required and seating is limited. Registration is open to students, faculty, and staff from Columbia University, Barnard College, and Teachers College.

Manchester England: Organizers of an alternative opening ceremony to the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics are calling for supporters to get involved. An open meeting is being held on Sunday 24 November to ask organisations how they would like to be involved in planning the unique show of solidarity with the Russian LGBT Community as they face life under Putin’s homophobic legislation.

the (gay press) news article on the coloring book-inspired petition to restore sodomy law. many opinions in comments, only one trashing the coloring book

“” facebook page posted the FCKH8 coloring book as image set. Not as pdf. the most up-voted comments are supportive. one says “Misha and Mom are investigating the theft of Olympics.” most-liked comment: “I would highly advise to Misha and his mothers not to go to the fucking Olympics in this fucking country. Moms are at risk of being beaten to a pulp for daring to consider themselves as people , and Misha can easily end up in an orphanage without any prospect of ever see their parent . The ambitious show, held in the turn-over country is not worth it.”

Luke Montgomery of FCKH8, erstwhile Luke Sissyfag, defends against tumblr critics

roundup of tumblr responses to the fckh8 coloring book.

Seven more Greenpeace activists arrested by Russian coast guards during a protest against Arctic oil drilling were granted bail on Wednesday, including the U.S. captain of their ship, in a further sign of an easing of their treatment.


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