Nov 12-Nov 19

Nov 12

Igor Kochetkov discusses security measures “The sad events of recent weeks have caused a lot of talk about safety and ‘self-defense’ [by] LGBT activists. I considered it important to bring to the discussion some thoughts on the matter…. Full security, in fact, is only at the cemetery. We, human rights defenders and civil society activists, engaged in activities that are inherently dangerous and there are no ways that would be completely freed us from the risks to our physical, informational, legal, etc. Whatever we do, these risks can only be reduced to a reasonable amount. The criterion of “reasonableness” can serve as a retention ability to achieve the original objectives of our specific activities after taking all the precautions and protect themselves. “
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A Russian journalist is being charged under propaganda laws after he published an interview with a gay teacher. “by publishing this quote, Suturin’s newspaper is facing a 200,000 rubles ($6,090, €4,530) fine as a media organization. It could also be closed by the Russian authorities.” Gay star news headline says he risks arrest but federal law imposes fines only but maybe regional laws impose jail time.
And and
In Moscow a school teacher was found guilty of sexual abuse of children and sentenced. In the defense of the convicted were his colleagues in the school and the vast majority of students. They consider criminal charges trumped up. Moreover, the statement was written by a teacher after he reported to the police that his pupil beat parents [or parents beat a pupil]
Homophobic Russian TV segment

Video of event “sochi: opportunity or backlash?” with Gessen Ioffe Domi and Buchanan at Barnard 11/6

Tymoshenko: Yanukovych ‘Killing’ EU Hopes by not releasing her and
November 12 in Kiev under the auspices of the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs in Ukraine and the Heinrich Boell Foundation hosted a round table discussion on “The anti-discrimination legislation as a step towards Ukraine’s European integration and visa liberalization.” LGBT activist Bogdan Globa read some mail he got [via google translate with apologies] “At the parliamentary hearings I spoke and talked about [my] life, about the discrimination that I have personally encountered. I would like to read a few letters that came to me after that, ‘In a number of webcams! Take no prisoners! No deportations to Geyropy [gayrope] Piderlandy [pedolandia] and other Sodom! Idea of global ass (and other distortions) is strong only in the comfort of Sodom Rothschild rokfelllersky account in the imaginary impunity.'”
Ukraine: With parliament deadlocked over Tymoshenko’s release, it seemed possible that the EU negotiators – Irish politician Pat Cox and former Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski – might return on Wednesday without any clear summit-saving formula.
The Russian spin on association agreement (editorial by gvt official in Moscow Times) EU Agreement Turns Ukraine Into a Concubine: “If Ukraine joined the EU, it would not be for love, but for money — like an attractive young woman might marry an aging oligarch. But the Association Agreement the EU is offering Ukraine is more like an oligarch taking not a wife but a concubine whom he can exploit at his pleasure. Concubines who fall in these difficult circumstances need protection, not sympathy. In fact, the disadvantageous deal would damage Ukraine’s economy by opening it up to the EU without providing anything in return.”
Ukrainian lgbt activist Bogdan globa publishes messages and emails he gets from religious homophobes “Because of my public ministry began receiving letters and commentary from religious citizens. [i] decided to publish selected: ‘Globalization – the very name of the globalist. [his last name is Globa] What’s in Russia Globa that in Ukraine – the spiritual freaks and perverts. Labelled famili’ ‘just burn the public. The country needs dektatura and the death penalty and will be a frequent procedure’ “
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Nadia Tolokonnikova is in a prison hospital on Siberia and

The Sova center tracks attacks against migrants and abuses of anti terrorism “extremism” laws
Sova center monthly roundup of racism and xenophobia for October 2013: “In October 2013, no fewer than 20 people were injured in racist and neo-Nazi attacks, two of them fatally. Since the beginning of the year, racist violence has killed 18 people in Russia and injured 141, while four have received threats on their lives. … It is clear that the total number of victims this year will exceed that of last year.”

Mizulina to speak at anti gay congress in Germany
Homophobe brings “gift” to office of Lithuanian lgbt group
Documentary film on Julia, Lithuanian transwoman who moved to Berlin to transition.
Video interview with a man captured and humiliated by Occupy Pedophilia in Tomsk (in Russian)

How Much Has Hosting the World Cup Cost Brazil?
Technical article on the World Cup stadium construction. Stadia are exceptionally dangerous and expensive to build.

Nov 13

Russian Government Spies On LGBT Activists To Portray Them As Part Of Western “Homosexualist Invasion” [on right wing TV show]
Human rights activists warn these “KGB-like” tactics are an ominous escalation in the assault on LGBT rights ahead of the Olympic games (has video of TV show in Russian)
A right wing political TV host Arkady Mamontov did a homophobic episode of his show. “Advokatessa Mary Bast and others accuse the channel ‘Russia 1’ to ‘fascism and intolerance’: “Russia 1″ shocked the gay community. Alexander Buzaladze [played the] part of Arkady Mamontov’s ‘special correspondent’ in malicious propaganda program [about] LGBT citizens. Masha Bast was particularly angered [about] false information about her personal life.”

Moscow Times on prosecution of journalist under antigay censorship law
Swazi student returns home traumatized (initial press reports that he is South African were wrong)

World Bank Ranks Russia Top BRIC In ‘Ease Of Doing Business’ Index “Rather than a situation in which you have no reform and slow growth, Russia has managed both to conduct a series of badly needed reforms and to have its economy slowdown anyway.”
FT on Ukraine: the EU is not without sin in trade bloc battle “Some foreign policy experts warn that the EU and Russia are wrong to be in effect forcing ex-Soviet republics to choose between them. For most, since much of their trade is still with Russia and the former Soviet Union, co-operating with both makes more sense.”

Window on Eurasia: Young Russians in Northwest Overwhelmingly Say They’re Europeans and Don’t Want to be Part of Putin’s Eurasian Union

liberal ish writer embraces homophobia: “In any animal pack is morality. No state is [possible] without morality. You are against the state? Ну Well, life in the country is impossible without morality. For morality – a set of rules regulating the life of society. In other words: morality – is the structure behavior of the mass, the mass sequencing to state a viable society. Any attempt to cancel morality always end the dictatorship of the strong, the concept of establishing a gangster to take advantage of – and that is moral dictatorship. Cancel sexual morality means the elimination of the family, the abolition of the birth and upbringing of children, the abolition of maintaining the number of people in the country, the abolition of this country and this nation. Very fast. Several generations. “

Russia’s Wild Fantasies of an All-Powerful State Department
On the paranoia inculcated by the assumption that US politics mirrors Russian politics: “In part, it comes from the fact that Russians, just like Americans, think that the rest of the world is just like them. In Russia, one man decides everything — including who gets to edit a small scientific journal. It’s hard for Russians to understand, for example, that America does not have a monolithic political system—or even a monolithic foreign ministry—and that President Obama, for example, can’t just tell Congress to go and do something, the way Putin can with his parliament. And because there’s been no real change at the top for over a decade, it’s hard for Russians to grasp that the foreign policy of Obama may differ substantively from that of George W. Bush, and that the appearance of change is not a canard. ‘Russian public opinion is given to seeing the world not as diverse but as a whole,’ says Sergei Markov, a pro-Putin hawk and former parliamentarian. ‘In the Russian mass consciousness, the American side is a very strong power, so there must be a secret room where people engineer these things.'”
Article on comparative authoritarianisms, from Vedomosti, says Russia more like African than Latin American dictatorships

Law firm Goodwin Procter pulls out of hosting Russia Day nov 18 (intermittent paywall) and

German petition requests travel ban so Mizulina can’t speak at german homophobia conference
“We call for a ban on entry into the Duma deputy Elena Misulina .
This homophobic speakers should be given no platform in Germany !
The Duma deputy Elena Misulina responsible for extremely homophobic utterances and the nationwide law against “gay propaganda ” in Russia , is at the conference of the magazine “Compact” on 23 November speak in a convention center at Leipzig airport .”

Nov 14

You can send money to Dima C. for his next two eye operations. One operation is finished but “I still have two operations: one to install in place of the retina, the second – to replace the ocular fluid silicone.” He gets money at Yandex purse number 41001193286472 but I’m not familiar with that system. It seems to be possible to use PayPal also, to Or to use paypal within yandex. See
And and

How One Subtweet Spurred An LGBT Activist To Flee Russia
One anonymous tweet was all it took for Russian LGBT activist Viacheslav Revin to flee halfway around the world and seek asylum. Was a notorious policeman threatening him?

PRI’s The World: Gay rights is getting caught up in the geopolitics of eastern Europe

The Russian LGBT Network has filed paperwork to have the Russia 1 TV show from 11/12 declared hate speech: “… the facts of the use of hate speech (rhetoric of hatred) in the television [show of] Arkady Mamontov.” “For the word to be answered …”, – underline the gay activists. This was last night told the leader of the “Network …” – Igor Kochetkov. [Kochetkov] seeks responsibility [from] the authors and participants of the “Special Correspondent” (Channel – “Russia 1”), in which the air has been shown revelatory film about the gay community called “Actors”.

The European Union’s mission to monitor the fate of imprisoned former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko has been prolonged to the EU’s Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius on November 28-29.
Vitali Klitschko, leader of the Ukraine Democratic Alliance for Reform (UDAR) and the leaders of the Fatherland and Svoboda parties called on the Council of Foreign Ministers of the European Union to take no decision at its meeting on November 18 about readiness of Ukraine for signing the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. A letter detailing the request, signed by the three opposition party leaders, was transmitted to the EU Council.
EU gives up hope on Ukraine deal at Vilnius summit
Forbes Ukraine In Censorship Crisis After Oligarch Takeover
Miguel Forbes, the family scion responsible for the brand’s international expansion, hailed the sale of its Ukrainian magazine license to a mysterious oligarch with controversial links to the country’s president. Fourteen journalists resigned en masse less than a week after the deal went through in protest over what they said was censorship. “Senior editor Boris Davidenko said the chilling effect at Forbes Ukraine began the moment the new management came in last week and peaked Tuesday, when management told them “a tiny little list” of topics would be off limits.”

When Ukrainian postgraduate Pavlo Lapshyn was sentenced for racially-motivated murder and terrorism in the West Midlands, the response from Ukrainian media was to distort facts; from authorities to remain silent; and from British journalists to pin blame on UK society. These approaches obscure the uniqueness of the case, says Anton Shekhovtsov

“Gay protest: it’s time to change tactics” article on boycotting as a tactic, for homophobic films and for Sochi “The history of the recent boycott because of homophobia, ‘Ender’s Game’ and other games – in Sochi – shows that in this open world of professional rules of boycotting it’s time to change, says Boris Obama. … Now the words ‘public relations’ and ‘samopiar’ [are said] in a negative sense, but there’s nothing wrong with that, to make itself felt, with its associated even with a minus sign, with more well-known brand, what twenty years ago and have been “Silence of the Lambs” and “Basic Instinct.” The main thing – the result, and the strategy worked [for] gay organizations, gay in negative roles actually become smaller, and in this their merit. [it’s] another thing, when the boycott does not achieve its goals, and recently it happens all the time. Gays, poured vodka on the sidewalk as a protest against the Russian law on gay propaganda – have not achieved anything, they poured vodka American manufacturer of Stoli, that gays more than loyal. Or call to boycott the Olympics in Sochi – no sane athlete who trained all his life for the sake of Olympic gold, will not give up the opportunity to get it. You, gays do not voluntarily give up the salaries and positions, when you offer, especially when you can get around in the salary and position of naturalization.
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Tolokonnikova found
calls her husband from hospital

Georgian Patriarchate against the creation of the LGBT organization homeless shelter
Georgian Patriarchate sees danger in the initiative of the Georgian LGBT organization “Identoba” to establish a shelter for the homeless in Tbilisi.

Video of protest by Ukrainian HIV/hcv/TB activist group (via Peter Staley)

Liberal party in Lithuania move to remove homophobic legislator from delegation to council of Europe. He had brought a pair of jeans with a vertical zipper sewn into the back to office of lgbt NGO

Ukrainian lgbt discuss the term human rights, the history of the idea, and its applicability to lgbt

Michael Lucas video interview. he discusses Johnny Weir and the Olympics, claims that Weir sexted him

Adidas AG (ADS), the world’s second-biggest sporting-goods maker, said the build-up to next year’s soccer World Cup in Brazil will boost revenue from the current quarter as it starts selling team jerseys and the official match ball.
Gazprom, the world’s top gas producer, posted a second-quarter net profit of 202 billion rubles ($6 billion), beating expectations with a 30 percent year-on-year gain thanks to an increase in sales, it said Thursday.

Nov 15

Bok o bok will address deteriorating situation in post film discussions
Dima c livejournal
Russian LGBT Network gets award and sends letter to accept
One Gay Man’s Russia
Asylum seeker again shares his story with D.C. audience
Russian human rights ombudsman responds to lgbt concerns about Occupy Gerontophilia: “‘We hope that such lynchings receive proper assessment by the police … It seems that those who hold unpopular views or belonging to minorities should, along with other citizens of the country to have a real chance to live, communicate, including through social networks and exercise their rights without fear that they will be subjected to physical violence by their opponents – it is a positive duty of any democratic state ‘- so reacted ombudsman Vladimir Lukin to appeal addressed to him by activists “Russian LGBT Network”… Unfortunately, the authorities are reluctant to respond to their requests, as the investigation of crimes that are heard by the pretext of ‘combating pedophilia’ difficult … Although in recent months and was immediately instituted several criminal cases.”
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Masha Gessen: “The time when we felt our story was just a decade or two behind that of gays and lesbians in western Europe or the US seems impossibly distant now… What has happened in Russia has captured the world’s, which is to say the western media’s, imagination. This is surely attributable, at least in part, to the fact that Russians are white. The TV commentator who has been preaching that LGBT people are ‘creatures who have declared open war on [Russian society] and want to enslave us’ would, in his well-cut suits and with his hipster beard, hardly stand out in a London or New York crowd…. But there is something else, too, that has driven the international reaction of unprecedented solidarity and support for Russia’s besieged queers: it is the spectacle of history shifting abruptly into reverse. …That makes the tragedy of Russian LGBT people easy for western gays to identify with. This could be their story, too.”

[Pain endurance performance artist] Peter Pavlensko being charged with hooliganism
On HIV treatment in Kiev: “In Kyiv, Metropolitan Pavel – aka ‘Pasha the Merc’ – has succeeded in closing down Ukraine’s only specialist HIV/AIDS clinic, which was inconveniently located in the grounds of the Pecherskaya Lavra. A new clinic has yet to open, and now all the patients can do is pray…”
People’s Deputy Vadym Kolesnichenko awarded the “discriminator of the Year” for the bill on “gomopropagande”
In the State Duma a bill on the prison term for insulting the national anthem
the Duma legalizes forced psychiatric institutionalization “The State Duma adopted in the second and third readings of a bill authorizing involuntary psychiatric examination and hospitalization in a psychiatric hospital citizens”
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The Russian company that organized a concert by Lady Gaga in St Petersburg last year will have to pay a fine of 20,000 rubles ($614), a Russian court has decided, local news reports said.

With the votes of the SPD, Greens, FDP and the Left Düsseldorf City Council passed a resolution on Thursday, where the persecution of homosexuals in Russia is criticized.
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An already besieged set of events intended to promote investment in the Russian economy has come under further pressure, as a US gay rights activist has launched a petition asking the New York Stock Exchange to cancel its upcoming Russia Day. Russian Foreign Ministry wrote an indignant letter to the IOC after U.S. senators wrote the IOC against the “law Mizulina” – Russia suggests that the US solve problems “at home”
“Outrageous” and “causing perplexity,” Russian Foreign Ministry called the actions of 11 U.S. senators have signed a letter in support of human rights for LGBT people on the eve of the Olympic Games in Sochi. Russian Foreign Ministry suggested U.S. Senators to investigate “more than a thousand crimes against sexual minorities” who are registered each year in the United States – and “it’s just the tip of the iceberg.”
Dolgov, the Russian Foreign Ministry: “Those who are so concerned about the safety and well-being of the LGBT community in Russia in general and in the Sochi Olympics in particular, would like to remind you that same-sex sexual relationships are still criminalized in 76 countries. in Russia is not among them. Thus the laws of some States provide for it the death penalty. However, such strict legislation does not interfere with our Western partners to develop full-fledged relations with many of these countries. Additionally, we would like to recommend guardians for the rights of sexual minorities in Russia, before you criticize us, often to look at the situation in this field at home … “, – concludes Dolgov comment posted on the official website Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.
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Sochi Countdown – 12 Weeks to the Olympiad in the North Caucasus
Putin Using Sochi to Keep Himself in Power, BBC Program Says
Kamchatka Resident Protests Sochi’s Cost – And Almost Loses Her Shirt.
Sports Events like Sochi Costing Russians Their Pensions, Moscow Analysts Say
Russian Ethnographers Describe How Sochi Ceased to be Circassian and ‘Became Russian.’
Pussy Riot’s Samutsevich Calls for Boycott of Sochi Games
Sochi Geography Society Says Real Crackdown Will Come After Games When No One is Looking.
Improperly Disposed Trash Harming North Caucasians’ Health.
On the Occasion of Olympiad, Muscovites Can Ride Subway Free if They Do 30 Squats
‘Stalin was a Hipster’ T-Shirts on Sale at Sochi Airport.
Someone is Stealing the Manhole Covers of Sochi.
Olympic Construction Firms with Friends in High Places Routinely Violate the Law, Activist Says
Sochi Residents Protest Plans to Drill for Oil in Black Sea.

Much clearer description of TV show. this is as close to a transcript or summary as I can find. They showed a documentary called “Actors” or “Hypocrites.” then several analysts debated the documentary. The host was Mamontov.
Three main links:
1. Critic Andrew Lochak analyzes the “Special Correspondent” episode on homosexuality.
“November 2013. The country’s main state television channel. The program ‘Special Correspondent,’ which are supposed to work best Russian TV reporters. Ominous music. The camera zooms in on ABC with a rainbow. The deputy from the Liberal Democratic Party said, ‘Why here rainbow? And then, what’s next child will see uncles and tetenek with gay flags and think it is – the norm! ‘ Correspondent – mini-Mammoth – nods, finely fingering chubby fingers, sausages. The camera zooms out. Sign pharmacy with a rainbow overhead. The music becomes quite eerie. … ‘Our investigation has led us to Kiev, Ukraine, to the so-called Christian nationalists, dangerous people – they are engaged in subversive activities, separatism, advocated the annexation of southern Russia to Ukraine, and they have a long ties with the Russian LGBT community.’ Broads. From the blood-curdling music. What, in fact, the connection of the Russian LGBT community with Ukrainian nationalists, is not specified, but very scary.
… Leading Mamontov, fingering, sausages, asked strictly American, whom he invited to the program: ‘What are you here climb [up a professional ladder]? What do you force us to alien values, tolerance here is this? ‘. ‘They just do not bombed Syria’ – shouted at the moment deputy Milonov. ‘That’s right, even though his mouth shut!’ – MP Degtyarev was clearly in shock. All snickered again. ‘You still say that the United States impose Russian homosexuality to infect her with AIDS’ – tried to make a joke in response to an American journalist. Instead of laughter rang out in response to the cries of ‘Yes!’, ‘Get out!’ And ‘Shame!.’ government channels of the country crowd bellied power advocates led by leading programs like sumo wrestlers, squeezed out of the studio foreign tolerasta. . ‘… .’
So ether reportorial program ends lengthy retelling of the Old Testament stories the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. ‘The angels are gone, – says reporter [Mamontov] – and the wrath of God poured out on the ground. Since then, real name called homosexuals – not gay, and sodomites. On the ground now raining from the sky warning. The first of them – Chelyabinsk meteorite. It may be another warning, because the Lord does not tolerate filth and sin that would sweep the whole earth. Since you had a program “Special Correspondent”.
in english:
in russian:
2. Buzaladze Alexander, author of the film “The Actors”, which discussed in the “Special Correspondent”, finds this goddamn rainbow literally everywhere: on the sign pharmacies, on the facade of the supermarket, on the cover of notebooks, in which they write their first letters of younger students. A famous brand of milk had to remove a rainbow with a package only after the program “Special Correspondent” made a request to the prosecutor! The discovery leads him in horror: “Everywhere rainbow as the norm. There is a promotion of non-traditional lifestyles. ” Chief editor of the American newspaper Moscow Times Michael Bohm tried to joke: “Homosexuality – a disease that is transmitted when a person sees a rainbow”, but the joke it as a remark that Russia is at a very primitive stage of development and lags behind the civilized countries in the the protection of human rights for a hundred years, were severely suppressed and leading Arkady Mamontov, and program participant Andrei Karaulov. The latter, a big moralist, a patriot and a champion of morality, demanded an apology from American “to the country in which you work and earn money …”
in russian
in english
See also ” Russian TV host blames falling meteorites on gays”
3. A. Gevorgyan: “yes , people who are in our fairly traditional and traditionalist country want to institutionalize sexual perversion as normal social life, and not to divide people on the traditional principles of natural dividing them – gender, ethnicity , religion, social origin, – and by type of social preferences , of course they are trying to destroy the traditional culture of the peoples of our country and enter into the deepest conflict with what they believe is possible , backward , a relic that we share for men and women, not as in France to a partner a and partner B.
We seem unmodern [to] them , they want to change our country . I believe that this is a war for the meanings of Russia , Russian civilization , with the meanings of our democracy , which is based , was to be based , we will fight for it , on the concepts of justice , freedom, and traditionalism. Such a triad , I propose to her . This triad for them, of course, hated . Why should we put up with them if they do not put up with us? We are defending our homeland. From them , the Liberals , from the people who want it to pieces to draw Russia into the European Union or elsewhere , that they want to give the Arctic …”
In English
In Russian
extreme paranoia in this article that says that Al Qaeda and the lgbt movement (“the sadomitov [sodomite] sect”) are both transnational conspiracies to destroy humanity Al-Qaeda and the sect sadomitov managed from a single center
“Do not sadomitov, and can not be his spiritual structure and its legal temples, so for their secret get-togethers they have entangled globe network sadomistskih night bars and clubs, where in direct contact with each other secretly exchange information, combining this work with an alcoholic libation, drug injection and sexual perversions. … Her secret extensive network around the world created by the exact scheme of Al-Qaeda. This suggests specialists that sadomity as al-Qaeda were born on the sidelines of the CIA. It is from there and is likely to control this evil structure.”
in english
in russian

Late Thursday, Illinois Senator Mark Kirk’s office abruptly canceled access to a Senate meeting room for a Friday event scheduled by a social conservative organization that is supportive of Russia’s “homosexual propaganda” ban, event organizers told BuzzFeed.
Speaker John Boehner Hosts Supporters Of Russia’s Anti-Gay Law In House Office Building, Organizers Say
“At least in the House of Representatives, people have not succumbed to the great fear” of LGBT activists, said World Congress of Families president Allan Carlson.
International Olympic Committee Silent About Russia Stirring Up Anti-Gay Sentiment Under Olympic Logo
“We are not going to make further comment purely on the basis of a Russian TV show,” said a spokesman for the International Olympic Committee.

Nov 16

Open letter requesting protests during the Olympics from 6 Russian queer/trans and related groups. They are:
1. Rainbow Association (Moscow-based LGBT activist group)
2. March for Equality (LGBT and women’s rights campaign)
3. Russian LGBT Sport Federation
4. Committee for a Workers’ International (Russia)
5. Left Socialist Action
6. Pussy Riot Support Group.

no link available; it was posted as text on queerussia listserv. and it can be found on the Russia: Censor Gay? No way! facebook page.

Dear friends, Russia’s recent law banning the ‘propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations’ is a huge attack on civil rights and freedoms in our country. The government is trying to divide society and draw public attention away from many pressing social and political issues which exist in this country.

The government is using existing prejudices to turn LGBTQ people into convenient scapegoats. Its actions have provoked violence against LGBTQ people and criminalised protests against this repression. Some LGBTQ activists have been forced to flee to other cities or even abroad due to government pressure and continuing threats from the far right.

In addition to attacking LGBTQ people, the government is also attacking the rights of women, atheists and religious minorities, persecuting immigrants and the political opposition. Members of the activist band Pussy Riot have already been imprisoned for over one and a half year for their protest, and nearly thirty other people, including an LGBTQ activist, are currently being tried based on falsified charges of ‘mass public disorder.’

Russia is not, however, just the corrupt and authoritarian regime of Putin and his clique. Russia is over 140 million people, most of whom want to see change. After the rigged elections of 2012, thousands of people came out to join mass protests in the streets in cities and towns across Russia. Many LGBTQ activists were involved in these protests and were met with compassion and understanding from many other protesters.

You can support our fight against discrimination, authoritarianism and repression and for equal rights, freedom and genuine democracy in Russia!

We call for:

– Protests in front of Russia’s embassies, consulates or other locations on the day of the Sochi Olympic Games opening ceremony on 7 February 2014;
– Pressure on the corporate sponsors and suppliers of the 2014 Sochi Olympics – such as Coca-Cola, Panasonic, Samsung, Procter&Gamble, Microsoft, Adecco, Visa, McDonald’s, etc. – to express publicly and explicitly their position regarding this homophobic law;
– Sports fans to organize solidarity actions when attending the Olympics;
– Athletes participating at the Olympics to express their support in statements or symbolically;
– Activists and allies in different countries to organize campaigns demanding protection against persecution for the athletes who choose to protest against homophobia and neglect of human rights in Russia from the Olympic committees,
– People all over the world to demand a change in the rules of the Olympics that limit the right to protest against discrimination,
– Support for the activists facing persecution in Russia, including those who have to seek asylum in the EU and other countries,
– Protests during international visits of Russian officials or celebrities which are known for their homophobic views.

Rainbow Association (Moscow-based LGBT activist group)
March for Equality (LGBT and women’s rights campaign)
Russian LGBT Sport Federation
Committee for a Workers’ International (Russia)
Left Socialist Action
Pussy Riot Support Group

Contact us:

Nov 16

A young man from Novosibirsk, perhaps, was the first homosexual from Russia who received refugee status in Germany. It is possible that soon gays and lesbians persecuted at home, will be able to obtain political asylum in the EU.
in English

On the night of November 16 [shortly before 5am on nov 16] two men attacked a well-known Moscow gay club “Central Station”. Intruders at first threatened the club visitors, and when the guards refused to let them into the club, fired a gun… Some think real estate developers were involved as they want to develop the area. The landlord had previously put up a banner reading “gay club entrance here” and played a gay pop singer’s song 24-7 using a bullhorn. and
And!news/122793 and

Following opponents of association with the EU – in Lightboxes Facebook and the subway – all the same argument: Europe = a gay marriage. Needless to say – it pushes the average Ukrainian.

In Moscow, trying to evict a gay club “Central Station.” In St. Petersburg, gay shoot through the open eye. In regions of the Occupy movement spread-Gerontofilyay. Arkady Mamontov, the TV channel Russia-1 announces Americans by gay propaganda intended to infect the Russian people with AIDS. An overview.

Pussy Riot member calls for Sochi Olympic boycott

Boston: Mon Nov 18: Homophobia and the Anti-Gay Campaign in Russia: Political and Social Dimensions

Detailed der spiegel article on Maxim Martsinkevich.

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova of Pussy Riot’s prison letters to Slavoj Žižek: “Pussy Riot did turn out be a part of this force, the purpose of which is criticism, creativity and co-creation, experimentation and constantly provocative events. Borrowing Nietzsche’s definition, we are the children of Dionysus, sailing in a barrel and not recognising any authority.”

These [TV] broadcasts, like Arkady Mamontov – this is a very strange thing. On the one hand, they are, of course, these programs – condemn and spit on us. But on the other hand – and do not you think, my friends, that they are, then these programs, contrary urge to think?

Ukrainian lgbt website discusses fckh8 children’s book, shows images, compiles quotes from US articles on the coloring book which will be sent to families during the Olympics

Developments In Russia And Other Nations Should Inspire U.S. Conservatives, Say Activists
Feeling embattled in the United States, participants at a controversial Capitol Hill briefing by the World Congress of Families say growing “pro-family” movements overseas provide hope.

More detail on the lady gaga fine

Mike Bohm, American editor of Moscow times, defended gay rights on TV show. Now he is accused of insulting Russia. You can watch 2 minute video here and see how everyone constantly interrupted him.

petition: “New York Stock Exchange: Cancel Russia Day 2013”

Can the homeless accept charity from ‘gays’? On the role of the Church in Georgian Politics

Melanie Nathan report on meeting with the LGBT Russians and organizers at the San Francisco LGBT Center in the Castro. The group is visitng the United States under the auspices of the Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program, as arranged by the Institute of International Education.
photos + report on Russians in sf

Open letter to Dima C. from parents of lgbtq (human translation)

Nov 18

Vladimir Putin’s latest political course as president – from the jailing of Pussy Riot to the law against gay ‘propaganda’ – strikes many as being one defined by the Russian Orthodox Church. But is it really so? “Pussy Riot was a blessing in disguise for Putin, despite the international outcry it caused. It allowed him to drive a wedge between the Russian Orthodox Church and the Russian opposition; a relationship which, had it been left to foster, could have been devastating to him.”

Russian Federal communications inspection body “Roskomnadzor” found no violations of the gay propaganda ban law on, said department spokesman Vadim Ampelonsky to … According to Ampelonsky, territorial Roskomnadzor administration of the Central Federal District received a request from a citizen to inspect website for compliance with the Russian legislation.

filmmakers showing at Side by Side make short statements on the Russia situation: “I don’t think there’s any honor greater than being programmed with Side by Side this year. In a moment in Russian history when it seems there’s a weekly crackdown on LGBT people – and those presumed to be – it’s a stunning act of bravery that Side by Side is moving forward with their festival..” –James Franco

mon nov 18 New York Stock Exchange Hosted Russia Day and a foundation office hosted Russia Forum. Queer Nation protested both. and
And and and

Sat Nov 16 in Norway was Human chain of love at Olympic hq to demand that the International Olympic Committee publicly speak out. Bergen, Norway:
And and

Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko said that the government should have waited until after the 2014 Olympics to institute the law against gay propaganda.
“It was possible to estimate what public response it would arouse in the West, especially on the threshold of the Sochi Olympics,” Mutko said in an interview with RBK Daily published Friday And and

EU-Ukraine association agreement looks unlikely
The issue will also be discussed at an EU foreign minister summit in Brussels on Monday.
Ukraine at the Rubicon
Unless the EU changes the direction of its Eastern Neighbourhood policy, it is doomed to failure in its attempts to bring Ukraine closer to Europe.
In another chapter of Ukraine’s economic and ideological struggle between Europe and Russia, the east and the west, Ukraine’s president Viktor Yanukovych “got lost” on his way to have meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin. There remains a debate, however, as to whether Yanukovych was secretly negotiating with Putin, or whether he was being snubbed by the Kremlin.

Meanwhile, on the internet: Russia, Buzzfeed and the west
Viral videos and madcap memes are transforming Russia’s international reputation, resurrecting its former image of a land of excess, of extremes of despotism and of irrational freedom

Zamoskvoretskiy Moscow court adjourned until February 4, 2014 the complaint Human Rights Center “Memorial” to require prosecutors to be registered as a “foreign agent”. During the trial, representatives of NGOs have filed a motion to suspend the proceedings in connection with the submitted complaints to the ECHR on the law on “foreign agents”, as well as to the Constitutional Court to review compliance with the law of the Constitution. Meanwhile, outside the court [was] a series of pickets organized by Amnesty International.
in english
in russian
More on “foreign agents law” from a victim

The European Community clinical specialists on HIV / AIDS called for the government of the Russian Federation to immediately cancel the new law, which considers the distribution of information on non-traditional sexual relationships as illegal.
Russia registered 54k new cases of hiv in 2013

German Amnesty international is doing a comprehensive campaign of solidarity with Russian political opposition, migrants, lgbt, civil society, etc.- and @2Russiawithlove
They have a separate website that aggregates global lgbt human rights news in German

Ekaterina Bogach, a teacher in St. Petersburg school 67 does not promote homosexuality in the classroom – this is the conclusion of the Petrograd district administration officials. “Bogach was accused of molesting children, unlawful acts , as well as in the possession of ‘ignoble and wicked values’, Fontanka reports.

More on newspaper charged under censorship law “Roscomnadzor … put gays on a par with … maniacs and serial killers.”

Ukrainians mark 1930s wave of Soviet-era famines known as the “holodomor.”

The World Anti-Doping Agency has discovered problems with the drug-testing laboratory in Russia, less than three months before the Sochi Winter Olympics.

The European Commission has recommended the lifting of visa requirements for Moldovan citizens entering the European Union who hold biometric passports.
The move would allow Moldovans to travel to the EU without a visa for 90 days.

Russian Orthodox Church wants to ban christening of babies born to surrogate mothers

Nov 19

Gus van Sant will attend Bok o Bok film festival

Protecting the traditional family is an issue of Russia’s security, Russia’s ombudsman for children’s rights Pavel Astakhov said at the Holiness of Motherhood forum started in Moscow on November, 19.
“] Politicians and state officials, who support the destruction of [traditional] family, should be outcasts, should be cursed in centuries to come as destroyers of the family and the human race. The so-called freedom of relations does not give the scanty minority the right to destroy humanity, to rewrite history and to throw our children into chaos” and
Scott Lively: Gay people are behind antigay violence in Russia
Milonov says shooting was a gay-planned act of provocation “‘But to say that some of our activists went with pneumatic guns to a homosexual den… It’s a great pity that the guy got it in the eye, but I think it was a planned act of provocation.”
New details of Central Station shooting from Washington blade
International Olympic Committee Won’t Challenge Russian Anti-Gay Broadcast Under Olympic Banner.
Olympic committees have, in the past, targeted knitters and newspapers in seeking to protect their name. When it comes to the Olympic logo being used throughout a Russian anti-gay TV program, they remain silent.

Children of gay
How they are doing and what people think about it, psychologists and educators

On QN protest at nyse

Has the battle against Russia’s anti gay law died? Russia’s Anti-Gay Law Opponents Ponder New Tactics

Gas pipeline operators in Slovakia and Ukraine are expected to sign a deal soon that allows the European Union to ship gas through Slovakia to Ukraine, helping to reduce Kiev’s dependence on Russia, the European Commission said.
As ukraine stryggles to achieve a separate identity, ukrainian-canadian activists push canadian government to increase bilateral development
ukrainian liberal connects hateful antilgbtq sentiment and politics to low social trust and high paranoia: “Interestingly, in those countries where it is good and comfortable for gays to live, it is [also] nice and comfortable [for] many other people to live well – almost everyone except, perhaps, those who are particularly offended by the need to share public space with ‘unrepentant sinners’. As for us – a society of low standards of living and general mistrust, which is only exacerbated by the injection of ‘love against.’ And even if from our society suddenly disappear all gays, hatred and distrust [would] remain. As the habit of lying. They will manifest themselves in relationships with other people, if they become an integral part of our soul… Do we want it?”
In english
In russian

According to the survey research group “Zircon”, the residents of Russia retain the traditional concept of family

A call by President Vladimir Putin for a new textbook that reconciles differences over Russia’s past has left him facing accusations of copying Soviet leaders by rewriting history for political ends…. The guidelines, drawn up by historians of Putin’s choice, contain no criticism of the president, no reference to protests against him in 2011 and 2012 and no mention of the jailed former tycoon and Kremlin foe Mikhail Khodorkovsky.
The new textbook aims to cultivate obedient “servants” of the state, not independent and free citizens of a democratic Russia.

Ukrainian communist party frames IMF requirements as economic terrorism against citizens of Ukraine

Dissent mag on Russian crackdown on lgbt

Gay film from Russia wins prize in Russian film fest in London. and

Overview of human rights violations in the week ending 11/15

Photo of Olympic torch being swum across freezing lake in russia

New Amnesty International report on migrant labor in Qatar

Before Global Games, Rio Is Fighting to Dim Red Light


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