October 12-18

Oct 12
Video and story from St. Petersburg coming out day demo today oct 12; 67 were arrested, both pro and anti LGBTQ. Soccer fans were much in evidence as well as the usual religious and nationalist activists. Antis outnumbered pro LGBTQ by wide margin.
http://queerussia.info/2013/10/12/2233/ more detailed reporting here https://www.facebook.com/sergey.starov.9/posts/531472256931551 pictures at https://www.facebook.com/sergey.starov.9/posts/531572143588229:0 and video here http://upogau.org/ru/inform/worldnews/worldnews_399.html

Moldova Drops “Homosexual Propaganda” Ban
“Our dear politicians have gone mad with homosexual desires,” lamented Gennady Valutsè of the religious conservative group ProOrtodoxia.
http://www.buzzfeed.com/lesterfeder/moldova-drops-homosexual-propaganda-ban?s=mobile and http://iphone.france24.com/en/20131011-moldova-cancels-gay-propaganda-ban-eyeing-eu-entry

More on custody case that alleges a post divorce lesbian relationship

Sochi gays are anti boycott

Russia had to host the Paralympics to get the Olympics but isn’t selling many tickets; however hosting them is an improvement over 1980 when they refused to host them
HRW report on people with disabilities in Russia

Europe is getting a surprise bashing in Armenia over a law on gender equality that many Armenians claim is designed to “promote” homosexuality as a “European value.” The strength of the backlash has prompted some political observers to believe it is being artificially stoked in order to build popular support for Yerevan’s decision last month to seek membership in the Russia-led Customs Union at the expense of closer ties with the European Union.

Religious fundamentalism and orthodoxy is actually a symptom of modernity, says scholar

A gay teen’s story

Lithuanians protested censorship on October 2nd “On the morning of day 2 of the culture and audiovisual affairs ministerial meeting of incoming EU officials in Vilnius at the National Art Gallery [there was a] LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) rights activists picket.”
And http://m.lrytas.lt/naujiena.asp?id=13806935231378830555 and http://www.lgl.lt/naujienos/lgl/asociacija-lgl-rengia-protesto-akcija-pries-saviraiskos-laisves-ribojimus-lietuvoje/

Lithuania changes position on EU directive against discrimination in areas outside employment. it is now neutral whereas before it opposed directive. “In 2008, the European Commission proposed the anti-discrimination directive to complete the EU’s existing legal framework in the areas of social security, healthcare, education, goods and services, and housing.”

Oct 13
Moscow Threatens To Arrest LGBT Activists at oct 21 event Because Homosexuality Is A Sin
“Holding events linked with the discussion of sexual minority issues in places the public can visit openly is a provocation that morally harms children,” wrote Moscow’s security office, threatening to arrest participants in a rally planned by controversial LGBT activist Nikolai Alexeyev.

Antigay “march of Jesus” in Samara draws 2000 people. “‘Today, the scale of the LGBT movement is so frightening that we, as representatives of the Christian community can not remain on the sidelines,’ said Igor Lyashevsky”
“Orthodox Christian private boarding school for orphan boys named after Venerable Sergius of Radonezh near Sergiev Posad, Moscow region, demanded all teachers to fill out a seven-page questionnaire and undergo testing on lie detector after school management was changed by the founding body, Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius. Among questions on alcohol consumption, smoking habits, gambling and relatives serving in police there also was a question: ‘What sexual orientation do you adhere to?’ “

Some legal background to lithuania’s complex and contradictory anti gender reassignment bill. it would deny any type of surgery within Lithuania but facilitate document changes if surgery was done in another country. Unclear about hormones. Unclear what criteria would be for name/ gender change for ID or other administrative purpose. But the anxiety all stems from a 2007 case against Lithuania by a transman in the European human rights court. The court found in favor of the transman but then lithuania has not complied with what it was supposed to do.
And http://www.tgeu.org/Lithuania_proposal_re-introduced_to_ban_Gender_Reassigment

Censorship in Lithuania
TV commercial for Baltic Pride this past July. Lithuanian National Radio and Television only aired it after 11pm. Experts of “the Lithuanian Office of the Inspector of Journalism Ethics” found the T-shirt slogan “for diverse families” to be harmful to minors. They affirmed the 11pm time slot. http://www.fb.me/6nWucEK5H
Another PSA by LGL with seemingly French funding http://youtu.be/wCaGtQEYY0w
Lithuanian Gay League video podcast, the first of a series. introduces the staff. http://www.fb.me/34t5DIIDu

Orthodox try to block moldovan legislators’ entry into building

The case of Hrachya Harutiunian contributes to Armenia’s anger at Russian xenophobia and imperialism.
“On Saturday, July 13, 46-year-old Artsakh war hero Hrachya Harutiunian set out on his job in Russia as a truck driver transporting gravel. Near the village of Oznobikhino outside Moscow his truck malfunctioned and hit a passenger bus, killing 18 people and injuring 40. What followed, however, raises critical concerns of racism and xenophobia against Armenians in Russia—an issue that has grabbed many a headline in the past—as well as a closer look at the emigration problem plaguing Armenia and the state treatment of war veterans.”
Over 200 detained after anti-migrant riot in southern Moscow

Some background on the geopolitics: US, Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Nagorno-Karabakh, Georgia etc-. Resources and markets at play.
Russia’s Putin battles for his Eurasian dream
Dispatch from Armenia: The Not So Frozen War
“But America also has interests here. The US Embassy in Yerevan is one of the world’s largest, and members of the Armenian diaspora in America funnel large amounts of money into their native land. (There are an estimated one million Armenians living in America, one third as many as in Armenia itself.) Armenia has been balancing diplomatic relations between the US, Russia, and Iran for years. But what it sees as the West’s lack of interest in helping it reestablish relations with Turkey, almost as much as the benefits of an open border with Iran, is pushing it closer to Tehran every year. Stephen Riegg, scholar at the Kennan Institute of the Woodrow Wilson International Center and a student of Armenian affairs, recently wrote that ‘Yerevan views its solidifying ties with Iran as a rebuke of Turkish intransigence.’ Harout Harry Semerdjian, writing for the Hill’s ‘Congress Blog,’ went a step further. After chronicling the recent construction of the hydroelectric plant on the border between Armenia and Iran and plans for a railway and oil pipeline as signs of the strengthening ties, Semerdjian notes: ‘In order to keep Iranian-Armenian relations in check and to assist Armenia in expanding its options in the region, the Obama administration must put pressure on Turkey to open its border with Armenia immediately and without preconditions.’ “

Head of “Pink Armenia” on lgbt in Armenian military and the consequences of Customs Union membership for lgbt Armenians (only the video contains the geopolitics stuff so I can’t translate it)
Scandalous: Armenia human rights ombudsman targets trans sex workers and cites neo-nazi website as a basis for his statement
the October issue of prominent French Armenian magazine Nouvelles d’Arménie publishes an extensive report on discrimination of trans people in Armenia, with a reflection of LGBT rights violations in general.

International union calls on Qatar to make immediate changes to labor laws
Trapped in Qatar
Footballers Describe Nightmarish Treatment (der spiegel)

Oct 14
Despite the Moscow government’s ban, on October 13 “Rainbow association” held a successful public action. A calm and friendly attitude of the bystanders showed that the authorities are unfounded and only fueled the persecution of minorities. A day earlier, there was another event organized jointly by “the Rainbow Association,” “The Parents movement” and “Russian LGBT Network” with the support of the Sakharov Center. At the meeting the screening of the film “Proud parents” and had a discussion where participants learned the history of Coming-outs in the LGBT community. “Rainbow association” does not stop there [but] continues the work of LGBT film society and does all the preparations for a series of activities to celebrate the Transgender Day of Remembrance on November 20.
English translation here: http://goo.gl/mHQPjV

anti assimilationist trans* lecture on Oct 25

Ukrainian anti lgbtq family values group “Parents Committee” sends letters to members of Parliament about what the association agreement would bring
(in English) http://goo.gl/SmCR8v
To intimidate the Ukrainians [about] “homosexuality” of European integration … foreign homophobes had a press conference
(in English) http://goo.gl/2SLpDd
Horror of European integration through the eyes of “Ukrainian choice”
(in English) http://goo.gl/TtJ8wj

St. Petersburg Police told the pro lgbtq activists at oct 12 coming out day demo that Cossacks, Orthodox and Muslim clergy et al would beat them so badly that the gay group would “not be able to stand up again before the [Sochi] Olympics,” according to Gazeta.ru.

Mikhail Baryshnikov issues statement in support of the “No More Fear Foundation” for lgbt asylum seekers

No More Fear Foundation website

Christian Armenia and Islamic Iran: An unusual partnership explained

Oct 15
in Moscow on Tuesday night the deputy ambassador of Holland was attacked. The information channel “Russia 24” confirmed this with the Moscow police department. hooligans beat and tied up 60-year-old Onno Eelde-ren-Bosch [probably wrong transliteration] in his own apartment and went away without taking anything of value. Apparently, the attack was carefully prepared, because to enter the dwelling of the Dutch diplomat, the attackers pretended to be electricians, after procuring uniforms for this. Returning home from work, the Dutch diplomat found that the elevator was not working. Climbing by foot to his floor, he noticed two men who were digging in the panel. Strangers told him that there is no light over the floor, and asked to see if there’s electricity in his apartment. And having just crossed the threshold, immediately attacked him. Attackers left behind a message “LGBT” and drew a heart. Currently working at the scene is an investigative team.

Conceivably this was retaliatory attack for this attack on Russian diplomat in the Netherlands http://en.ria.ru/russia/20131008/184000274/Russias-Putin-Demands-Dutch-Apology-Over-Treatment-of-Diplomat.html and

Gergiev said that “to begin a grand evening in one of the major concert halls of America with screams – it’s very rude and not appropriate for such a serious level.”

Italian politician proposes asylum for Russian LGBTQ
And http://www.ilgiornaleditalia.org/news/cronaca/849332/Terremotati-no–gay-si-.html

online Poll of 2000 russian lgbtq: Half of the LGBT community in Russia was subjected to psychological violence http://t.co/l0pkW45weH

the Flag of the Jewish Autonomous oblast was checked for being gay propaganda after an appeal of the local residents .. http://t.co/4AU9PHyqqF
Info on the Jewish Autonomous Oblast in eastern Russia with picture of flag.

Cleve Jones petition against cage fighting competition in Russia

Oct 18
“Russian scientists in Novosibirsk say a powerful new strain of the HIV virus has been discovered and is spreading at a “rapid rate.” The new strain has also been detected in Russia’s North Caucasus Republic of Chechnya and in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Scientists at Koltsovo said the new strain remains poorly understood and complained they do not have the funds to properly research it.”
According to the United Nations, Eastern Europe and Central Asia are the only regions in the world where the HIV infection is on the rise.

Ukraine is new focus for Western (and non Western) religious right activists. Three of them are meeting with Ukrainian legislators this week “Prior to the Moscow meeting, Komov and WCF Communications Director Don Feder, along with Srdjan Nogo of the Serbian group Dveri (WCF’s newest Partner)
and French pro-marriage activist Fabrice Sorlin, will be in Kiev for meetings with key Ukrainian leaders, including members of parliament”

“Birth of twins by a surrogate mother for pop-singer Alla Pugacheva, 64, considered by some as a gay icon, and her husband, comedian Maxim Galkin, 37 stirred up a public debate on surrogacy and gay parental rights in Russia. Following the news, “United Russia” deputy Vitaliy Milonov, author of the gay propaganda ban law, came up with a new initiative to ban surrogacy for gay couples.”

“The Russian left remains divided over LGBT rights, with some of its members viewing gay rights as a natural part of their agenda and opposition to them as a prejudice but others seeing it as either a distraction from other social-economic problems or even an attempt of the authorities to divide and weaken socialist groups.”

ORAM proudly joins Europe’s premier refugee network as only LGBTI-focused member

Georgia: vice minister makes homophobic remarks

Jewish Gay and Russian in NYC: event nov 6

Uganda to consider a ban on lgbtq NGOs

A new poll shows that 81 percent of Muscovites support the demands of the Russians of Biryulevo and worse 41 percent approve of the methods that the protesters used against the gastarbeiters http://www.superjob.ru/research/articles/111343/81-moskvichej-podderzhivayut-trebovaniya-zhitelej-biryulevo-41-odobryaet-i-metody-ih-dejstvij/

Sochi woman whose home was demolished takes her story to Facebook where it goes viral “Officials told Zilberg her home was an ‘unauthorized construction,’ but she believes the real reason was greed. She tells Vocativ that she was convinced the decision to raze her home was taken in the interest of some powerful figures that had an eye on her land.”

Oct 22 in DC at GWU “how did Sochi get the Olympic bid?” http://www.gwu.edu/~ieresgwu/assets/docs/10.22.13.pdf


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