Oct 27-Nov 3

Oct 27

Kirill Kalugin and another activist arrested for flying rainbow flag in crowd watching olympic torch pass. police cited Kalugin for throwing cigarette butt on ground “Police asked Kirill how much he is paid. Called him ‘rear wheel drive.’ A colleague suggested to check Kirill for involvement in sexual offenses (such as sarcasm?)”
https://m.facebook.com/straights.for.equality/posts/425301674238078 and https://m.facebook.com/straights.for.equality/posts/425331160901796 and http://lgbt.org.ua/news/show_900/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=facebook

The Changing Nature of the Eastern European and Central Asian HIV Epidemic: “This is also a region where the risks of acquiring MDR-TB are among the highest in the world: 20 percent of new cases and 45 percent of presenting re-treatment cases in the Russian Federation are presenting with resistant. And the prevalence of hepatitis C among people who inject drugs is also particularly high, between 60 and 90 percent… It is alarming that there are nearly 100 000 AIDS deaths each year in the region, a figure that has increased by more than 25 per cent since 2005, compared to stable or decreasing levels in Western Europe and globally.”

new anti trans video on vk. the website claims the video is staged. “In this ‘preview’ video infamous Russian Neo Nazi aka ‘Philip Dyonits’ is cynically playing the piano and showing another ambush that his militia group performed recently. Their victims seems to be a transsexual person and a man who came on a date with that transsexual person. The video depicts violent behavior, harassment, humiliation, slapping and kicking of the victims. At the end the arrived police officer arrests one of the victims and does nothing to stop the violence against the transsexual person leaving him [sic] behind in the hands of the torturers” (spectrum hr). The video makers say that they aren’t biased against any sexuality or lifestyle.

“Public project for catching transwomen” (they don’t use that language) New (since September) vk group dedicated to videos of “catching” transwomen and turning them over to the police. The full video of sample above will follow “Preview of the new issue! … 800 Fortress and you will see the full version of bullying Untermensch! All the most interesting moments will be included in the full version. Sign, repost and wait for a new release))”
https://vk.com/public58093975 related YouTube channel
Somebody beaten and said to be gay isn’t actually gay and is wearing makeup to fake bruises
Petition to vkontakte to take down all “occupy pedophilia” videos
“Stop promoting homophobia in social network Vkontakte! Lock the group Occupy movement-pedofilyay, remove videos [of] degrading treatment”

Vigilante paedophile hunters in UK ruining lives with internet stings
Police say the actions of the vigilantes can be damaging to abuse victims as well as innocent people wrongly suspected
Will Self: I was reported as ‘suspected paedophile’ when out with my son. Writer and journalist says he was stopped and questioned when out with his 11-year-old after a security guard called the police

Khodorkovsky interview in opendemocracy “About one thing there is no doubt: it is impossible to speak of democratic change without the release of political prisoners. My personal ambitions today lie in the intellectual sphere: the ability to accumulate ideas, to pick out the more worthy ones among them, to transform them into normative acts and practical plans – that is the skill that I would like to develop in the future, to the extent that it will depend on me…. The people who came out on Bolotnaya Square elicited pride in me for my fellow countrymen. These are not serfs, but citizens, ready to take their own fate in their own hands. The opposition has so far not been able to become a real political and organising core. This is normal. People need time for self-education.”

Oct 28

Paul Cameron addresses Duma
http://www.buzzfeed.com/maxseddon/discredited-us-anti-gay-activist-addreses-russian-parliament?s=mobile and http://rusplt.ru/news/v-gosdume-v-kachestve-eksperta-vyistupil-psiholog-iz-ssha-izgnannyiy-iz-vseh-nauchnyih-assotsiatsiy-za-razjiganie.html

Queer Nation event against investment in Russia at Princeton Club in NYC. Three activists dressed in business attire and disrupted the event from within. Others protested outside.
Queer Nation events Monday Tuesday and Wednesday in NYC
AllOut has three 22foot high billboards trucks circling Coke headquarters in Atlanta today urging speech on antigay laws

Antigay activists burn the rainbow flag in Kiev to protest gay themed films in film festival. “At the head of the column … were people in orange construction vests, with brooms and dustpans – sweep ‘garbage homosexual propaganda’ from the land of the capital. Behind them – the citizens with placards ‘to rid Ukraine of garbage,’ ‘Stop gay euro aggression’, ‘Ukraine does not need homo-movie’, ‘Stop the homo-culture now,’ ‘No homosexual-Ukraine, hands off our children!’. ” http://m.vk.com/wall-20074561_191736 and

Lithuanian government rejects proposed ban on gender reassignment

At the suggestion of Labour MP Louisa Wall, New Zealand has announced that it will appoint a diplomat to ensure that citizens of New Zealand who participate in or attend as fans the Sochi Olympiad and Paralympics will not be targeted by Russian authorities under the terms of Moscow’s anti-gay law. New Zealand officials are especially concerned because one of the members of their Olympic team, speed skater Blaker Skjellerup, is openly gay

Aleksey Pankin, a nationalist historian, says that the Russian government has failed to respond adequately to Western criticism of the law imposing penalties for “homosexual propaganda” directed toward young people. He calls the Western campaign a form of “information homo-colonialism” and says that if Russia launches a major public diplomacy effort, it will find that it has many sympathetic supporters of the law in Western countries http://www.stoletie.ru/politika/informacionnyj_gomokolonializm_268.htm

a Sochi worker who had not been paid for months took the dramatic step of sewing his mouth shut and staging a silent protest to get pay for himself and 30 of his colleagues. His actions not only forced Olympic employers to pay the men what they were owed – many workers in Sochi still have not been paid in a timely fashion, activists say – but also called attention to a problem endemic not only in the Olympic city but elsewhere in Russia as well.

Alex Ross bemoans Gergiev’s support for Putin in new New Yorker

Russia’s population isn’t plummeting

Low turnout for march to release political prisoners. Lgbt was present but minimal — one rainbow flag. Liberal politician Ilya Ponomarev objected to the flag.
Photos from march for political prisoners

HIV data problems across the region due to MSM being closeted. Including in US ally Uzbekistan where sodomy is still illegal. Ambiguity about self reporting. Some MSM may falsely claim to be IVDUs.

Soccer player Yaya Toure suggests boycotting the 2018 World Cup in Russia over fan racism
Jose Mourinho says boycott won’t help against racism
Garth crooks supports Toure

“Sochi potentially is the danger Games,” said Peter Walshe, a global account director of marketing company Millward Brown. “With these major world events, companies are looking for a halo effect for the brand. Sochi is big and high profile but such events are becoming platforms for social and political protest. … ‘Social media has transformed for ever the level of risk that sponsors and athletes take into events,’ said Andy Sutherden, global head of sports at public relations firm Hill+Knowlton”
Coke hones twitter marketing to circumvent protests like those in Brazil this past summer

Oct 29

‘Open Games’ in Moscow to Test an Antigay Law post Sochi
http://www.nytimes.com/2013/10/27/world/europe/open-games-in-moscow-to-test-an-antigay-law.html?smid=tw-share&_r=0 and http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/4173006?utm_hp_ref=fb&src=sp&comm_ref=false
October 17 the leaders of the ukrainian regional gay movements gathered in Kiev for a four-day training on communication strategies, advocacy and working methods aimed at increasing public awareness of the LGBT community. run by the “Gay Alliance Ukraine”
open letter from Ukrainian activist to government on why signing a bill censoring info about homosexuality is a bad idea for the Ukraine
Ukrainian mother of gay son writes open letter
NYC based Armenian LGBTQ group condemns attempts at Russia-style censorship laws
visually driven report on HIV in Russia, including one activist
St Petersburg authorities give in and allow March against Hate to use Sakharov Square
Russian lgbt write new IOC chair Thomas Bach to request meeting while he visits Putin. He declines.

Video of Paul Cameron urging the firing of LGBTQ teachers in Russia
Nova Scotia couple’s hope of adoption quashed

Queer Nation demo in Times Square at US olympic committee’s Road to Sochi event
http://m.thenewcivilrightsmovement.com/thenewcivilrights/#!/entry/dont-buy-putins-lies-queer-nation-tells-us-olympic-team,52700d53025312186c73c40e and http://m.washingtonpost.com/sports/olympics/gay-rights-protesters-at-olympic-event-in-times-square-call-for-boycott-of-sochi-games/2013/10/29/c52d7e6a-40b8-11e3-b028-de922d7a3f47_story.html
Moscow times on QN at Princeton Club: Gay Protest Disrupts Moscow City Roadshow in New York
Putin says gays welcome at Sochi
Preview of allout video to be released tomorrow.
Report on AllOut trucks at Coke HQ, petition that got 320k signatures
NASDAQ writer doubts Coke will take any pro lgbtq action
Nov 16 demonstrations at Olympic Committee headquarters in every country
Feb 7 protest at start of Olympics
Great moments in Olympic political history
Richard Socarides on Coke pressure campaign
Martina Navratilova criticizes IOC for “wimping out”
HRW’s Minky Worden on IOC and Sochi

Permit granted for up to 30k people for ultra nationalist “Russian March” on Nov 4.
“Earlier this month, Russian State Radio’s Vesti FM published on its website a map with the title ‘Illegal Aliens,’ marking neighborhoods with supposedly dense populations of undocumented migrants in Moscow. For nearly two weeks, the station has been urging Muscovites to update the map in order to expose ‘the migrant underground.’ Vesti FM’s site states that the map is based on reader comments, ‘raids’ by their correspondents, and official data. ‘Moscow has been attacked by illegal aliens…’ is just one of the headlines on the station’s website promoting the map.”
Fifa to seek assurances that Russia is dealing with racism problem
• 2018 World Cup hosts will meet Jérôme Valcke
• Russia will not lose hosting rights, says Sepp Blatter
Unusual unsigned editorial in Vedomosti argues that anti migrant (and to a lesser extent anti lgbtq) violence and policy is harming diplomacy. “Indeed, the editors say, it now appears that ‘Russia is doing everything in order to become the image of the enemy for an ever greater number of countries.’ … That this article has appeared at all thus suggests that there is an intense debate about this within the Russian leadership or that there will soon be one, as many Russian nationalists may now see that the ways in which they are pursuing domestic goals are undercutting any chance that they can achieve foreign ones.”
Russian police parade arrested migrants through streets

Nov 1: Kathmandu protest against migrant ‘slave labour’ in Qatar. Report here on Oct 27 Melbourne protest on same subject
A host of British building firms faced pressure from trade unions not to exploit cheap migrant labour on construction contracts ahead of the 2022 Qatar World Cup.
Conservative British MP calls for Qatar World Cup boycott or move “Who can make [FIFA head] Blatter break? The easiest answer is Fox, the television station that spent $465 million to broadcast the 2018 and 2022 World Cups on American television.”
Petition to Qatar on labor violations
Critics of Qatari sports, labor and foreign policy target its commercial interests
Protest at Qatari embassy in London

Final press roundup on Queer Nation Times Square event today
Associated Press via Houston Chronicle
A New York Olympic protest over Russian law
and an AP shot of the banner

Wall Street Journal
Protests Erupt at U.S. Olympic Event [Video]
Gay rights protesters called for a boycott of the winter Olympic games in Russia at a Times Square event commemorating the “Road to Sochi 100 Day Countdown.” WSJ talked to protesters and athletes.
USA Today
Small group tries to disrupt Olympic celebration
By Roxanna Scott, USA TODAY Sports
Team USA’s 100-Day Countdown To Sochi Games Met By LGBT Protest. Activists chanted “Don’t buy Putin’s lies” and held rainbow banners at a kickoff event for Team U.S.A.’s road to the Sochi Olympics in Russia. The latest action against Russia’s anti-LGBT laws.

Oct 30

Profile of Alexander Yermoshkin of Khabarovsk. 8th grade geography teacher. gay + environmental activist. he lost his job under the censorship law.
IOC chair Thomas Bach says he would meet Russian LGBTQ in Lausanne Switzerland not Sochi; no time specified.
http://queerussia.info/2013/10/30/2384/ and http://www.buzzfeed.com/lesterfeder/ioc-president-declines-to-meet-with-lgbt-activists-in-sochi?s=mobile
Russian Planet interview with Paul Cameron. RP appended a response/fact check by Igor Iasine at the end. Iasine: “[cameron] is discredited as a psychologist, [and he] brings an incredibly complex phenomenon of sexuality to [his] ‘hobby’, … Alas, today the State Duma [has] deteriorated so much that invites you to consult the scandalous charlatan, who 30 years ago [was] rejected [by] the scientific community. And they do it just to take a pseudo-scientific basis for the obscurantist policy initiatives aimed at diverting attention from the pressing issues and division of society. Maybe [to justify] a new round of anti-migrant hysteria they [will] now present the pioneers of eugenics as if they were ‘experts’?”

Voice of Russia (government owned media) condemns lgbtq activists and athletes as simultaneously puppets of US imperialism and pedophiles: “Background information in the western media is becoming more anti-Russian with every single day. It seems that news around Syria became quiter, Moscow’s diplomatic successes forced the critics to silence. But here they found another reason, just 100 days are left before the opening of the Games. And in Sochi gays are subjected to severe discrimination! And as they call it in the West, the ‘homophobic’ law is again in the spotlight… Mr. and Ms. gay-lesbian athletes, what are you going to Winter Olympics for, to set records? Or to promote your way of life and seduce minors? If to compete then you have nothing to worry about.”
Guardian on Kiev film festival picketed for showing gay films. Mentions EU-Russia proxy war esque dynamics that now complicate conflict between LGBTQ and social conservatives.

“The following is an editorial that appeared in Colta, an independent media website. It is a revealing look inside the xenophobic and racist culture that pervades Russia today.”

“FIFA has effectively been a pillar of autocracy in the Middle East and North Africa by seldom intervening in a world in which soccer associations are controlled by the ruler’s pawns or members of ruling families. In doing so, it has allowed autocrats to control the only non-religious institution that provides a venue for protest in the absence or advance of a popular revolt.”

Nov 3

Report from march against hate in st Petersburg nov 2 “At the March against hatred today in St. Petersburg were more than 300 people. Police said 150, – as always underestimates. Our ‘Rainbow’ group was the brightest. And one of the most numerous – at least a quarter, if not one-third of all participants. They arrested three instigator of the nationalists, bullying and insulted LGBT activists. Among the detainees – a hysterical girl, ‘pregnant on Russian land,’ and Maxim Ogol who most actively thwarted us rally Oct. 12 on Mars. And the third – still a kid. The police arrested them after repeated requests by us to remove them from the rally.” (Natalia T.)
Photos from march against hate
German TV segment on march against hate. Beneath the video is a text interview with woman from pflag type group in st Petersburg
in english http://bit.ly/HvjW97

“Antigay activists in Ukraine are demanding that a clause banning discrimination against sexual minorities be excluded from the Association Agreement that Kyiv hopes to sign with the EU in Vilnius next month.”
Armenian diaspora luminaries speak up
10s of 1000s of people demonstrate in Chisinau Moldova in favor of EU integration [the other Romanian speaking state, Romania, is in the EU] “… today Russia has received a severe slap in the Republic of Moldova, the second Romanian state, where 100,000 of people took to the market to ask for European integration.” http://m.moldova.org/news/239883.html?redirect=mobile and

November 4- 22, the State Dept is bringing 5 Russian activists to the US for education. DC Nov 4-9. SF nov 9-13. San Antonio nov 13-17. Jacksonville FL Nov 17-20. NYC nov 20-22.
– Eugene Pisemsky, the organization “Phoenix PLUS”, the direction of equal access to health care for LGBT people and leadership in overcoming the HIV epidemic among LGBT communities
– Gleb Ironclad, (Ekaterinburg). In LGBT activism recently. He took part and an organizer of several LGBT shares.
– Yuri Maximov, Mr. Moscow, the head of the Christian community of Open “Light of the World”, Development Director of the Federation of LGBT sport in Russia,
– Berezkin Alexander, LGBT activist (Vladivostok), head of the “Association of Russian-speaking intersex”
– Andrew Obolensky, chairman of a non-profit LGBT organization “Rainbow Association” Moscow
“… in order to get acquainted with the experience of community and government organizations working for the benefit of the LGBT movement. Our trip was made possible thanks to the invitation of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State. The program, in which we are engaged is called “LGBT Rights in Russia”, we will visit five cities in the U.S. in each of the regions will be determined subject meetings. During our visit, we will briefly cover on blogs and social groups of our training, talking about the social, economic, political and educational aspects of the LGBT movement in the United States.”

Ekaterina Bogach, a St Petersburg Spanish teacher and member of straights for equality, is target of campaign to get her fired as a “collaborator with perverts.” Social media smear tactics + letter writing to her supervisor.

Deutsche Welle on life under the censorship law (in Russian)
(in English) http://bit.ly/Hotv9y

Orthodox leaders’ statement
in english http://bit.ly/1aUNEig
Ian Bateson meets Paul Cameron and Sarah Schulman in one week in Moscow. Cameron “Russia is holding out [against lgbtq rights] like Vienna against the Muslims.”
TV rain interview with Paul Cameron “there is a lot of evidence that Obama is gay”
in english http://bit.ly/1cD1NQJ
English language roundup of the press Cameron got in Russia
Gay.ru on Cameron

Yaya Toure: CSKA Moscow receives minimum possible punishment for fans’ racist chants. One of the single-tiered ends of Stadium will be closed when the team hosts Bayern Munich on November 27. Activists had pushed for full stadium closure.
http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/24749146 and http://www.theguardian.com/football/2013/oct/30/cska-moscow-close-stadium-yaya-toure-racism-uefa-monkey?CMP=twt_gu and http://wired868.com/2013/10/30/uefas-farcical-response-to-yaya-racism-and-whither-webb-and-blatter/
Activist Piara Powar says need more education to change minds re racism in Russia

Population decline in Eastern Europe is worst in world. “Most of the shrinking countries are in Eastern Europe, where birth rates are very low and lots of people are leaving to seek better opportunities”
Ukraine accedes to IMF conditions “To stabilize state finances the country’s leadership has approved a series of unpopular decisions, in particular, increase in gas tariffs, the elimination of benefits for households and businesses, the weakening of the hryvnia to the dollar. Stringent measures of cost cutting [austerity].”
in English http://bit.ly/1a1dyjk
The Story That Should Be Dominating The News Is: Ukraine
“Ukraine’s alternative would be to join a Russian-dominated Customs Union that includes Belarus and Kazakhstan. Membership would require Ukraine to double import tariffs on EU goods, at an annual cost equivalent to 4% of GDP; and it would not even guarantee free trade among its members (Russia already applies trade sanctions against Belarus and Kazakhstan). The Customs Union thus appears to be little more than a Russian neo-imperialist venture.
Unsurprisingly, Yanukovych has consistently stated his preference for an Association Agreement. His political future may depend on it. His advisers, and recent opinion polls, suggest that if he fails to sign a deal, he will lose the March 2015 presidential election.”


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