Nov 3-Nov 11

Nov 3

Two men came into office of AIDS service org LaSky wearing masks and carrying weapons. During “rainbow tea” gathering. One had gun and another a baseball bat. Shots were fired and one person was hit in the eye. Another has minor injuries. assailants fled.

Sarah Schulman report from the Moscow screening of United in Anger (Facebook status update)
“Final Report From Moscow #10 (St Petersburg tomorrow)


Tonight we had our screening. 18 people came at the beginning and by the Q and A we had 25. We asked the audience what they want from us and this is what they said:

1. Use the word “fascism” when discussing the Russian regime
2. Boycott Russian government projects but actively support grassroots Russian activism and events.
3. Protests in the West help Russian queers in terms of morale.
4. After the Olympics things will get worse.

We had a very open group conversation which was videotaped and I will post it soon. By the end of the day (after the group discussion at the screening we had a long talk with a graduate student and then an NGO person) I have come to a slightly better understanding of the situation.

There is a legal apparatus being put into place that can be used to prosecute, harass, scare and imprison anyone. But so far only two people have actually been charged. Fines have been imposed (we will find out more about this soon) and violence has been allowed to occur. But this anti-gay apparatus is not yet being fully activated. In the meantime it serves to frighten people into self-censorship.

The goal of the apparatus is to stop a conversation from happening. This is a conversation about what kind of human being and human experience is legitimate and what kind of human being should be demonized, denounced, silenced, excluded and bullied. The idea of everyone having their say, communicating and people listening and negotiating and looking at themselves differently is absolutely terrifying to the powers that be. They want to blame all the conflicts on one entity: The Other. In the Russian case: queers and Muslims and “migrants” (people from former Soviet Republics who are Muslim or have darker skin than the dark ethnic Russians.) They want to blame all the problems on this Other instead of having the group relationship that would face and deal with problems that is at the heart of a healthy community.”

Nov 4

“I was hospitalized, a bullet was left inside [my head]. doctors will do the surgery. Said that a good chance that the eye no longer sees. it will not be as before but [they] will try to do something … “- wrote Dima/dmitry on his page on the social network “VKontakte”.
In english
Vk page of Dmitry. I think he can get messages here. You can log in to vk through Facebook.
Moscow Times on attack
Video interview with Dima on NTV
After shooting, antidogma calls for more lgbt to come out and participate in protests
“people’s alliance” statement on Dima, who does video blog “cream of protest”

teachers intimidated/ fired for supporting LGBTQ.
Google Russia cuts out 13 seconds of a promo video for Android because video shows a same sex couple

A Russian television channel has said that American media are engaged in a campaign to generate “hysteria” about gay rights in advance of the Sochi Games, a campaign that is unprecedented since the end of the Cold War

Masha Gessen on Nadia Tolokonnikova “Nadya was hospitalized within 10 days of starting her hunger strike. She called it off, apparently believing she would be transferred to a different colony. But after a few days, she was taken back from the hospital to Correctional Colony #14 in Pratsa, Mordovia, which she had been desperate to escape. She went on a hunger strike again. Then she disappeared. That was two weeks ago.”
The Guardian on Bolotnaya trials “‘it’s finished. We lost. That’s it. There is no hope,’ [maria baronova] says. ‘You can try to help people get out of jail. You can go back to your jobs and try to forget about it. But the fact remains we lost, and nothing is going to change here'”

Weekly aggregation on Sochi Olympic corruption, displacement, damage to ecology, labor abuse, migrant abuse
1. Thanks to Sochi Spending, Term ‘White Elephant’ Enters Russians’ Vocabulary.
2. Sochi Corruption Case Described in Detail.
3. Gastarbeiters Expelled from Sochi Say Russian Firms Bringing in Yugoslavs to Replace Them.
4. Sochi has Been Split into One City for the Rich and Another for Everyone Else, Residents Say.
5. Sochi Residents Thrown Out of Their Homes; Some May Be Expelled from Russia.
6. At what was supposed to be a celebration of the Sochi Games, just 100 days away, sports officials visited Sochi schools, but many pupils challenged them.
7. 40 Percent of Russians Say Olympic Preparations Hurt Country’s Economy.
8. Moscow Has Destroyed What Society There Was in Sochi, Activist Says.
9. Sochi Merchants Upset by Rules for Olympic Period.

Is Sochi security a practice run for heightened security state?
Oleg Makarenko, a businessman who blogs for Moscow’s “Vzglyad” newspaper, says that he expects Vladimir Putin to launch a sweeping crackdown across Russia immediately after the Sochi Games and set entirely new rules of the game for Russian politics and Russian life in the process “So, colleagues, if my prediction comes true, in March-April, we will see some major resignations, followed by probably the institution of criminal cases and a wave of liberal howling, like the one we saw during the Khodorkovsky case.”
in english

“In a sign of the intensified nationalist atmosphere ahead of Monday’s Russian March, the country’s biggest annual nationalist rally, the Nazi flag was displayed during a football match Wednesday”
Photo of Nazi flag at soccer game
Nazi uniforms in Russia march Monday nov 4
Photos from russia march from snob (one photo shows green hydra three headed snake where each head is a “type of” central Asian migrant)
Novaya Gazeta photo album
RFERL video
on navalny’s ambivalent, politically tricky relationship to overt neo nazism, biryulyevo, and electoral politics
Moscow Times on the Russia March
Milonov has police end a Halloween party. Milonov and a few of his supporters showed up shortly after the audience had jokingly summoned the devil and called a halt to the “sabbath.” He called the police and the organizers were subsequently forced to stop the event “due to technical reasons.”

Ukraine: “‘Occupy-Pedofilyay’ earlier openly expressed in social networks that [they will] ‘visit’ [drag queen] competition and will arrange the massacre of members of the LGBT community. As the 048 human rights activist Henry Repp, expecting the arrival of the Maxima and Marcinkiewicz, nicknamed Slasher, who these days is staying in Odessa. But the Marcinkiewicz has not appeared.”
propaganda circulating in russian speaking eastern ukraine says that EU countries have legalized pedophilia and incest

Moscow investors are losing ground to Brussels and Beijing in former USSR region “In all these [former USSR] countries, economic investment from the European Union and/or China is playing an ever greater role both absolutely and relative to that coming from the Russian Federation. In some cases, such as Kazakhstan, China has largely displaced Russia in this regard; and in others, such as Ukraine and Moldova, national elites hope the EU will.”
Russia pressures Ukraine to pay its gas bills on eve of Vilnius summit

Nov 6

“Foreign agent non registration” charges dismissed against Gulya sultanova, film festival director. Except the $12k fine won’t be returned to the film fest
in english article
activists [have] concerns that the [sunday] attack may have been the start of a broader campaign of [anti] LGBT violence, with several groups reporting unfamiliar people showing up at events and behaving peculiarly — something that could indicate possible scouting missions after Sunday’s assault.
Dima, activist with eye injury, speaking here in new video (in Russian)
His facebook page
a speech he gave last summer.
Roundup of other episodes of activists getting attacked
Left media on antigay shooting

Arkhangelsk repeals its regional censorship law: “Lawmakers in Arkhangelsk, in north Russia, decided there is no longer a need for a local law now there is a federal ban.”

Gay South African student hazed tortured and humiliated on video by OP, gets kicked out of school. This is in Belgorod on border with Ukraine. and and
MM of OP has twice drawn a blue Star of David onto bodies of his humiliated “pedophile” victims, in addition to usual shaved center of head painted with a rainbow. One victim is an Iraqi Muslim, so star of david might be an attempt at humiliation.
Memorializing gay Holocaust victims would be promoting homosexuality, says government

Novosibirsk bans gag swim race involving blow up dolls “The popular festival in Novosibirsk Bubble Baba Challenge was held for the sixth time in a row and was last held in August 2013, reports.”

Netherlands’ Minister of Foreign Affairs Frans Timmermans said his country is ready to consider requests for asylum for the victims of homophobia. It is reported by Reuters, citing a letter from the Minister to Parliament.

Ukraine group “love against homosexuality” litigates against the anti discrim law required by EU association agreement, arguing it is being pushed through in unconstitutional manner. Court partly grants their motion. From website: “In the manifesto, LPG said: ‘We live in the midst of the era of the’ final blue revolution. ‘Sexual minorities perform his promise: increasingly they appear to us without masks, showing their dictatorial ways, defining goal – to establish a totalitarian regime.'”
Ukraine’s biggest candymaker looks set to lay off hundreds of workers after being hit by a Russian embargo on its products, a leading Ukrainian newspaper reported Tuesday.
Ukraine signs $10b shale deal with chevron, could lessen dependency on Russian oil
Lowering expectations for Vilnius: now bildt is pessimistic about signing

Exile Kasparov Asks for Latvian Citizenship in case Russia withdraws his passport because of chess leadership war “Kasparov, 50, said that he wants a second passport to avoid the possibility that the Russian government will pressure him over his election challenge to Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, a former Russian regional leader.”

All Out video for Olympics

Russia apologizes to Norwegian journalists intimidated with possible bogus drug charges “A statement by Human Rights Watch said the journalists had been detained several times travelling in and out of the Sochi region, which borders the volatile North Caucasus. One of them was forced to drive to a local drug clinic after officers claimed he might be on narcotics. This incident ended only when another officer arrived at the centre saying there had been a ‘misunderstanding’, HRW said.”
Dutch sue Russia over greenpeace activists “Russia has told the court it does not accept the Netherlands’ case and will not participate in the proceedings.”
Russia is first state to snub this international maritime tribunal in 25 years
Greenpeace activists took to the Moscow River in a motor boat on Wednesday in support of the Arctic Sunrise’s multinational crew, whose detention in Russia was discussed on the same day at a maritime tribunal in Germany.

Nov 7

EU court says that anti-gay discrimination/ imprisonment could be grounds for asylum: “Laws discriminating against gays can constitute grounds for granting asylum, the European Union’s highest court said on Thursday in response to a request by Dutch judges for guidance. The ruling related to three Africans seeking asylum in the Netherlands who told Dutch authorities they feared persecution for their sexual orientation if they returned. But the issue is also part of a diplomatic row that flared up last month between the Netherlands and Russia.”
Euro court grants gay Africans’ asylum bids
Very good reported Svoboda piece on antigay shooting at LaSky, the two victims, the new EU court decision
in russian:
Dutch asylum offer causes major negative Duma reaction, gets framed as chess move within larger negotiations around visa free Russian travel within EU. “Unnamed source in” Russian foreign ministry likens homosexuality to pedophilia and drug use. “the question of the rights of LGBT citizens of Russia can become one of the major stumbling blocks in the way of simplification of visa regulations. The problem is acute, along with the protection of personal data… The Russian Foreign Ministry is still one of the main sources of homophobic rhetoric and actually in the lead in this direction in the international arena.”
Mizulina on Dutch asylum offer: they’re always looking for a reason to bash russia
“Russia’s top gay rights activist [nikolai alekseev] has rejected the Dutch offer to grant asylum to harassed Russian gays, saying there is no mass discrimination against them in the country… Repeated calls to Alexeyev’s cell phone went unanswered Wednesday.”

More repression of NGOs (non lgbt ones). Russian state files civil claim (rather than administrative proceeding) against a new group in addition to 2 orgs sued in September “Having failed in administrative court proceedings to force six prominent groups to register as ‘foreign agents’ under a 2012 law, the prosecutors then filed civil suits against two groups. Hearings in one of the cases began on October 31, 2013.”
New counterterrorism law is collective punishment “President Vladimir Putin signed the legislation on November 3, requiring ‘close relatives and acquaintances’ of those who commit acts of ‘terrorism’ to pay damages — both material and moral — resulting from those acts.”

Russia will bid for 2024 Olympics
New petition for olympic boycott over animal rights (in German)
MP Milonov stood up for the priest accused of child molestation

Customs inspector Gennady Onishchenko was recently moved from his post. He had been in charge of coercive bans on chocolate wine cheese etc from regional countries. Ambiguous why he was let go, possible psychiatric instability. Said incomprehensible things (“He recommended that Russians eat snow—but warned that this can cause a person’s teeth to fall out”) yet was valued for loyalty to Putin.
Ukraine initiates WTO proceedings over Russian ban on its roshen chocolates

Gergiev responds to protests dogging him
Protesters have announced a picket outside London’s Barbican Concert Hall, where Gergiev is set to direct the London Symphony Orchestra’s performance of “The Damnation of Faust” by Berlioz.

Sochi: entire-city-as-white-elephant: “Mr. Zakharov doesn’t quarrel with the ambition to turn Sochi into a world-class resort, capable of luring Russia’s sun-seeking tourists and affluent ski bums away from holidays in Turkey, Switzerland and beyond. ‘We don’t have oil or gold here,’ he said. ‘We have our visitors; they fill our city’s coffers.’ Yet no one knows whether more visitors will indeed flock to Sochi after the Games, enough to fill the hotel rooms and holiday apartments. What matters now is getting ready. ‘We want to show the whole world we can go do it, and that we’ll probably do it better than anyone,’ Mr. Zakharov said.”
National geographic photo essay on evictions in Rio favelas
Fears about disruption to next year’s World Cup have been raised after the key global football conference Soccerex was cancelled for disputed reasons.
Different ex soccer pros take different sides of World Cup controversy

And Sarah schulman’s final report from Russia:

Nov 8

On Holding Hands and Fake Marriage: Stories of Being Gay in Russia
In search of spiritual comfort Russian gays are ready to be refugees in the West … But it’s not so simple. A look at different countries’ asylum policies and probabilities of success “The procedure for obtaining the status of a political refugee in the United States can take from 3 to 12 months, but in America, unlike in Germany, you can escape the room in a refugee camp, and you can even get permission to work to support themselves until the application is considered. On average, according to human rights activists in the United States met from 16 to 54% of LGBT petitions for political asylum from state to state. According to statistics, the most likely to get a positive decision in San Francisco and it is almost impossible – in New York City. … in 2012 for political asylum in the United States received a total of 176 Russians, which is twice less than in 2003 (381 people).”
in english
From 21 to 30 November in St. Petersburg the VI International LGBT Film Festival “Side by Side”
The Organizing Committee of “Eurovision” (European Song Contest) asks Russia to answer four questions relating to the creative freedom of artists and the safety of participants and fans in the case of “Eurovision 2015” in Russia
Dima writes essay about getting shot. “We must act together to stop the violence that shaft, which begins before our eyes. I would like to say that we have another choice … you can choose daily and do not participate in the defense of decency, fairness and justice … but let’s be honest: I’m not really an activist. I did not go to the LGBT rallies, did not participate in the actions of LGBT people. Was next, maintained, and sometimes went into closed meetings … But I must admit, of course afraid of being an activist and tried to take care of themselves. It was absolutely a coincidence, I could not expect any of this, nor prevented. And I realize that my place could be anything, absolutely anyone.” One comment on masha Gessen’s Facebook “No one will look for these ‘stupid guys’ in Russia and there will never be anything positive. Only hatred, total control and repression. This is the territory of evil.”
in english

Sochi Countdown – 13 Weeks to the Olympiad in the North Caucasus
Sochi Investors Demand More Money from the Government for timely conclusion of construction
Environmentalist Arrested, Then Released with Warning
Local Ecologists Dispute Moscow’s Claim that Sochi Will Be Carbon Neutral.
Putin Spends Billions on Sochi But has No Money for Children With Cancer, Shenderovich Says.
Faced with continuing and in some cases worsening water, sewage, power and heating shutoffs, torn up streets, cracked sidewalks, official malfeasance and other overbearing actions, rising prices, increasing restrictions on their movements, residents of Sochi say that they have been entered against their will in a new Olympic sport – survival
IOC Calls on Russia to Investigate Trash Dumps in Sochi
Sochi Contractors Still Not Paying Many Gastarbeiters
U.S. Women’s Bobsled Team Sponsored by Putinka Vodka

In blow to Putin, Russia slashes long-term growth forecast
Bolotnaya political prisoner hits day 50 of hunger strike
Moscow police have detained at least 14 people for conducting an unsanctioned demonstration in support of people held in custody over the so-called Bolotnaya case.
According to the poll, nearly 73 percent of Russians — and more than 80 percent of Muscovites — favor the deportation of migrant workers. Some 66 percent of Russians agreed to some degree with the idea that “Russia is for Russians,” while only 19 percent said such a sentiment was “fascist.”
Orthodox press: Russia has received a lot of money to pay for the articles discrediting the Russian Orthodox Church, the bishops, and especially the Patriarch
The brain drain from Eastern Europe is economic, not political
Sochi Gays Say City is ‘Dangerous’ for LGBTs. Vladislav Slavsky: “I always have pepper spray on me when I’m walking. I get attacked from the bushes. It’s stopped somewhat recently, but I have been attacked many times from people hiding in the bushes near my house.” Andrey Tanichev, who owns a gay club there, adds that ” I think that this will not change anything until the regime changes. And I think the regime’s attitude towards minorities will not change in any case”
Promo video for Minsk pride in Belarus in December

The European Union has given the Ukrainian parliament a week to pass legislation allowing the release of jailed former premier Yulia Tymoshenko, if Kiev wants to sign a key integration treaty with the 28-country bloc, her allies said Thursday.
Ukrainian communist party head says TV spends too much time discussing homosexuality and “the mental health of individuals”
Tweet from ukrainian politician Alexey Pushkov, of leading current affairs program Postscript, & chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the State Duma
@ Alexey_Pushkov: Following the release of the EU Tymoshenko Ukraine will require expansion of gay kultury.I instead of a victory parade in Kiev will be held gay pride parades.

Brazil video about World Cup overspending that went viral this summer. I’m not aware of a Sochi equivalent. However 40% of Russians say that Sochi spending hurt Russia’s economy
critique of the video above. says that the world cup will create jobs and boost GDP, justifying the government expenses. the problem is that working people should get a piece of the wealth and don’t. “In the end, the World Cup is not the problem. The problem is the corrupt politicians. The problem is how the gains from the World Cup will be administered.”

Nov 10

Buzzfeed: The Russian Plot To Take Back Eastern Europe At The Expense Of Gay Rights
Russia and its allies in countries like Ukraine are fomenting anti-gay sentiment in an effort to push back the European Union’s eastern expansion. “Now, the fight [is] between East and West, Russia and Europe — Ukraine is the field of the battle,” said one LGBT activist.
First speech by openly gay person to Ukrainian legislature
Bomb threat to Russian lgbt network office; no bomb was found but activists fear that landlords will now be reluctant to rent offices to lgbt NGOs.
Foreign affairs magazine on ukraine

Russia could be denied the right to hold the Eurovision song contest in future over recently introduced “gay propaganda” legislation, its organizers said.
Music critic Arthur Gasparyan suggests that Russia abandon the “Eurovision” song contest “… which ‘is a sub-cultural history, very much related at all with the LGBT community,’ said publicist Arthur Gasparyan. ‘In this situation it is necessary to have the courage to say, ‘You know, we do not participate in the contest “Eurovision”, because it is absolutely not our aesthetics, it’s not our way, it’s not our choice, it’s not Russian values and our spiritual ties/ buckles. You live there with your propaganda of homosexuality, and we have our own “Slavic Bazaar”, we’ll be fine on it to have fun and play tricks, peace ‘- said Gasparyan to TV channel “Rain “, commenting on the circumstances surrounding the letter from the organizing committee of” Eurovision”
Vladimir Lukin, Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation, said that “the law Mizulina” [ban on parental rights for lgbt] “does not contradict any European values, nor the current European legislation.” He stated this in an interview with “Tagesspiegel”. Euro press misunderstand him and think he is defending the censorship law.

Paisley currah piece on solidarity

‘Racist abuse of Yaya Touré is a smokescreen, real problem is at home’
A millionaire getting booed in Moscow is nothing compared with people at home never getting the chance to better their lives

On occupy pedophilia moving into ukraine

croatian referendum on same sex marriage will happen

interview with head of [russian speaking Ukrainian lgbt group] gay alliance ukraine Taras Karasiychuk. part one of two. discusses long distance donors, HIV getting the lion’s share of western funding, top down foreign funded NGOs with little actual mobilization of lgbtq people, burnout, disconnect between activists & average people who are drinking a lot and apolitical, lgbtq people’s actual unmet needs, and generation gaps [ the lgbtq group “fulcrum” seems more Ukrainian-speaking]
in english
in russian
Graduates of St. Petersburg High School number 67 wrote an open letter in defense of the Spanish language teacher Catherine Rich Man, whom [socially conservative] Muslim activists [have] charged with “propaganda of homosexuality among minors.”
MM of OP is being prosecuted by russian gvt for video against Iraqi gay man “According to the document posted by Martsinkevich, the charges were filed Thursday after ‘specialists’ from the Russian Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology decided the video of the Iraqi contained ‘elements of racial and ethnic enmity and hatred’ against “the social groups ‘pedophiles’ and ‘Iraqi gays.'” The Russian case covers the video of the incident rather than the act itself. The document says the charges were filed after a legal appeal by Alla Gerber, 81, a legendary anti-fascist activist and member of Russia’s Public Chamber, a semi-official governmental advisory body. It was not immediately possible to verify the authenticity of the document.”

Russia could launch multi-billion dollar joint projects with Ukraine aimed at diversifying the country’s economy if Kiev fails to sign an EU association agreement, a Russian presidential adviser on regional economic integration has said.

Petition against pro Russia investment events on November 18 in NYC “the NYSE will host Russia Day, when leading Russian government officials — some of them the very architects of Russia’s homophobic law banning any gay-positive speech and tacitly encouraging violence against LGBT Russians — will ring the closing bell at the stock exchange, to sickening applause from NYSE traders. That same day, Goodwin Procter, a major New York City law firm, will host a high-profile investment seminar called Russia Forum NY.”

According to the head of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs Frans Timmermans, to date there are no grounds for granting asylum Russian gays. “First of all, I never said that. And in my answer, I spoke in general terms, it was not related to Russia in particular, that if homosexuals are prosecuted, they can apply for asylum in the Netherlands. To date, people with different sexual orientations are not persecuted in Russia, so the grounds for asylum in the Netherlands, no. It was a common response to a general question, it was not aimed at Russia. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to clarify this question, because I am very sorry that the impression that the answer to Russia, and he did not belong to her.”
in eng
Timmermans letter (in Dutch) “I give you, the State Secretary of Security and Justice, the answers to the written questions put by the members Gesthuizen (SP), Voortman (Green Left) and chimney (D66) on the Dutch asylum policy for Russian LGBT-ers. These questions were sent on October 14, 2013 with feature 2013Z19666.”
EU political boycott of Sochi gains momentum as members of the European Parliament push for non attendance
in english
in russian
Out of “solidarity with the gay and all other enlightened and tolerant Russians and Russians,” Berlin Friedrichstadt Palace [will reject] all requests of Russian artists and organizations.
FP website – it seems like radio city music hall

editorial in isvestia argues that child molesters act very differently than lgbt activists do “If we want to protect children, the first thing you need to stop and look to simplify reality in the face. The reality is, it seems, is that the cover for their pedophile tendencies will [not] choose coming out and fighting for the rights of minorities [but rather] some respectable activities – patriotic education of youth, for example, or the pastoral care of young people.”
in english
in russian

The radical artist Peter Pavlensky held on November 10 a protest in Red Square, for a holiday dedicated to the police. Stripped naked, he sat down on the pavement main square and nailed his scrotum to the street. Anton Krasovsky speculated online that this performance probably raised Putin’s popularity by 10%.
Artist statement translated here
actress Liya (Leah) Akhedzhakova solicits money for legal defense of Bolotnaya political prisoners
Political science professor Sergei Medvedev, a longtime lover and explorer of the Arctic, drew the ire of Russian President Vladimir Putin when he recently called for international protection of the icy northern region in the face of economic development plans. Last month, Putin called Medvedev, who teaches at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, “a moron.”
Interview with Nadia t’s husband
(in German)

Russia’s top family values crusader and author of the country’s infamous anti-LGBT law now wants to ban surrogacy, which she has likened to nuclear weapons.

Sepp Blatter suggests 2022 Qatar World Cup could take place in Iran and other Middle East countries
Sepp Blatter cannot come back from Qatar empty-handed, warns ITUC
Pressure mounts on Fifa to act ahead of World Cup amid reports of inhumane working conditions at site of new developments

Nov 11

Mysteriously sourced article from newspaper in Siberian town of Tomsk alleges that Occupy Pedophilia is “sponsored by” Konstantin Rykov (@rykov) a media specialist close to the Kremlin and the United Russia party
in english
A man who shot an LGBT rights activist in the face with a rubber bullet gun has been spared prison after a Russian court handed him a one-year suspended sentence. Gleb Likhotkin carried out the shooting in St Petersburg on 17 May – International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT). Likhotkin, a self-described orthodox activist and vice president of an anti-abortion group called “Warriors of Life” is also a homophobic vigilante. Lawyers for “coming out st petersburg” achieved an admission of guilt. No attacker has ever been convicted of a felony. and

Promo video for film festival bok o bok / side by side

Part two of Interview with Ukrainian lgbt activist Taras Karasiychuk
“[Homophobes] collected 100,000 signatures and waving them in evidence: behold, 100,000 people who are totally against anything related to LGBT! Of course, any sane politician will be guided by their voters, these 100,000. … the lives of individual gays and lesbians [will] not improve [after] the declarations of European integration. [we] must [seek] a specific government social program, because the adoption of a single anti-discrimination bill, if it still will be – nothing.”
in english
in russian
Profile/ interview of Dima C. in Novaya Gazeta
in english
His mom, protesting

Amnesty International bemoans the limited nature of the European human right court decision about asylum and ORAM’s response

ABA president withdraws from Russia investment event in NYC

Interview with artist Peter Pavlensky: the ‘body – is a sturdy material “
Gessen blog piece on Pavlensky performance

Good overview of post 2012 crackdown, Navalny’s exposes, and Bolotnaya. Analyst invokes Sakharov’s opposition to detente in the early 70s in terms of negative consequences for human rights in Russia. “Because Russia’s domestic politics has historically been inextricable from its foreign policy, the Kremlin’s brutality at home has been reflected in a more truculent stance abroad. That is why Andrei Sakharov’s idea of linking détente with the internal human rights situation makes as much sense in dealing with Moscow today as it did at the height of the Cold War in the 1970s. That is why the new dissidents of Russia look to the West for support in their struggle.”

Lawyer for Ukraine’s former PM Tymoshenko charged with assaulting his ex wife. Being held for questioning. and
Ukraine stops buying Russian gas–Agency.html


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