Sept 16-Sept 30

Sept 16

there was an anti capitalist march today and various left and anarchist groups didn’t want lgbt to participate. there was fighting (see pic and video) and the lgbt group ultimately left and

Ukraine is facing a choice between the EU and Russia that will impact its LGBTQ policies “Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has so far refrained from signing the Ukrainian anti-gay bill, doubtless because Ukraine is trying to strengthen its ties to the European Union, which roundly criticized the proposed legislation. In February, Yanukovych’s foreign minister, Leonid Kozhara, announced that a law “prohibiting discrimination against gays” would be adopted soon. This November, Yanukovych will take part in the European Union’s Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius, Lithuania, to discuss whether Ukraine will be granted ‘associative status’ with the EU. This status would place increasing pressure on Ukraine by Western European nations to achieve certain standards in human rights and the rule of law. If the EU decides not to accept Ukraine into its fold, the country likely will be forced to yield to Russia’s demands to join its own customs union with fellow ex-Soviet countries Kazakhstan and Belarus, a trading bloc former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton has called a new USSR. At the moment, Ukrainian leaders feel the pressure to submit to Russia’s new union every day. Last month, Russia suddenly banned all chocolates and other products from the Ukrainian confectionery firm Roshen from entering its territory. Last month, Belarus and Kazakhstan joined in the ban, a move that could cost the Ukrainian corporation $200 million. Belarus also suddenly banned Ukrainian wine exports, claiming the products do not reach ‘organoleptic indicators” (they don’t have enough taste).”

Sept 18

This contextualizes Armenia’s ambivalence and uncertainty regarding its antigay law … seems like many countries are experiencing this dilemma about choosing between the EU and the Customs Union

Sept 19

Putin says that equating hetero and homosexuality is like equating belief in God with belief in Satan: “We can see how many of the Euro-Atlantic countries actually [moved away from] their roots, including from Christian values that form the basis of Western civilization. Denied any moral principles and traditional identity – national, cultural, religious, or even legal. A policy that [treats equally] a large family and same-sex partnerships, faith in God and belief in Satan” he was quoted by RIA Novosti. Putin is convinced that this is “a direct path to degradation and primitivism, profound demographic and moral crisis.”

Sept 21

A Moscow filmmaker tries to rescue the word “fascism” from “the kindergardener’s vocabulary.” Under Putin, he says, Russia meets some preconditions but not others for fascism. “In fascism there is one curious feature. It, like Brodsky’s death, is always [elsewhere]. And always in the historical past. … Some [places] It’s even fun at first. … Its form is always contemporary. ‘suddenly,’ when we see ‘something different,’ it will mean that everything has already happened.” He thinks Navalny might actually herald a full fledged fascism in Russia because he attracts bourgeois supporters. This is kind of in line with the “Sean’s Russia Blog” guy saying that the regime benefits from an opposition it can manage groom and contain.

the Russian state has begun ethnic cleansing of minorities from Sochi under other pretenses. Igor Iasine has raised the problems with the Olympics beyond gay ones. Waste corruption displacement. But very few other lgbt activists have.

This started on Sept 19 and ends on Sept 28. There is a five year archive online here … St Petersburg parliament member Vitaly Milonov attended the opening reception. He slapped people and pushed them around, calling them “unRussian” “faggots” and “animals” but the event proceeded nonetheless. KP newspaper quote “I came specifically to look at the people. There were about a hundred people standing urban [types] who go to Sodom gatherings. Their faces are known. And even become familiar. But here’s what’s interesting. Consul General of the Netherlands pulls machine. Then – the British Consul. And they say that there was a consul of Sweden. The leitmotif of the festival was repealing the law on the protection of children from information. Why do foreign governments fund activities aimed against Russian laws? Does the Russian government send its people to events that call for the overthrow of [other] governments? It smacks of international rudeness.” In English see

Sept 22

Interview with Roman Kalinin, first open Russian lgbt activist in 80s. on alekseev: “Homosexuality is a sexual orientation and not a political one. There are gays who could be Nazi and communists and democrats. There are decent people and there are scoundrels. The man whom the media portrayed as a ‘Russian LGBT leader’ was the scoundrel. Personally I believed he was a scoundrel after meeting him for the first time.” on the anti-boycott position of some Russian LGBTQ: “I disagree completely!
– First of all, our western friends help us in all sincerity, they worry about us, and it is indecent to tell them -“you, guys, help us in a wrong way, you don’t suffer enough for us”. The tyranny is like a heavy stone but the drop water wears such stone down and nobody knows, which drop will be the last, what demonstration, what protest rally would move this stone.
– Secondly, It’s not about Russia anymore. There is a grandiose internationalization of the gay movement. Actually it’s like a new Stonewall. And, even, if the Russian law is not repealed, it won’t be that important. The Important thing is that there will not be the same world of sports and the Olympic movement will never be the same, world politics will become more attentive to the gay rights. No corporate sponsor will sign a contract with the homophobe or the homophobic country. And, even if in Russia everything remains the same, and in Zimbabwe, Uganda or Iran they will stop killing homosexuals, personally I’d still be happy.”

interview with founder Ed Mishin … RT was dishonest, a democracy movement is a prerequisite to meaningful change, under financing of lgbt in russia, bars and clubs closing, fears for lgbt media

Sept 23

In this unread court statement Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, one of the two women in prison, says “Some believe that making political-art actions is easy, that it requires no deliberation or preparation. Based on my years of experience in actionism, I can say that carrying out an action and thinking through the artistic end-product is laborious and often exhausting work. So I know how to work and I love to work.” she cites as her heroes “the prisoners of Bolotnaya Square, my brave comrade in arms Maria Alyokhina, and Alexei Navalny,” ie people who are coherent and consistent opponents of Putin

Tolokonnikova begins a hunger strike: ” ‘If you weren’t Tolokonnikova, you would have had the shit kicked out of you a long time ago,’ say fellow prisoners with close ties to the administration. It’s true: others are beaten up. For not being able to keep up. They hit them in the kidneys, in the face. Prisoners themselves deliver these beatings and not a single one of them is done without the approval and full knowledge of the administration. A year ago, before I came here, a gypsy woman in the third unit was beaten to death (the third is the pressure unit where they put prisoners that need to undergo daily beatings). She died in the medical unit of PC-14. The administration was able to cover it up: the official cause of death was a stroke. In another unit, new seamstresses who couldn’t keep up were undressed and forced to sew naked. No one dares complain to the administration because all they will do is smile and send the prisoner back into the unit, where the ‘snitch’ will be beaten on the orders of that same administration. For the colony administration, controlled hazing is a convenient method for forcing prisoners into total submission to their systemic abuse of human rights.” and and

Some parents speak on their fears “”I’m scared,” says Sasha, who lives in St. Petersburg with her longtime partner, Marina, and Marina’s 3-year-old biological son. “I’m scared our family will be violated.”… “These laws are already having a real impact,” says Sasha. “They are inciting enmity between people, it’s a genuine witch hunt. They are setting people against each other like dogs.”
Sasha declines to give her full name. She says she and Marina have been particularly prudent since a local version of the propaganda legislation came into force in St. Petersburg last year.
The two women tell neighbors and colleagues that they are sisters. This has been a source of deep heartache, particularly for Sasha. “I can never openly say that I’m as much his parent as Marina — not at the doctor’s, not at school,” she says. “But it’s a reality I have to live with. As long as we live in this country, I will never be able to truly explain to anyone who I am, not even to our son. I’ve had to work hard on myself to accept this.” … “After this bill was announced, almost all homosexuals are leaving. Those unable to go abroad move to other Russian cities,” [elena kostyuchenko] says. “I know that many families with children, especially lesbian families, are buying weapons. They have no intention of giving up their children and are ready to defend themselves if someone comes for them.”

Anti Nazi activist who documented abuse and bullying by occupy pedophilia now faces lawsuit by government allegedly on behalf of lgbt activist, plus neo nazi death threats

Sept 24

Demos last night in nyc and today in Russia. the Russian one is against firing lgbt teachers, bullying lgbt kids, censoring lgbt info, and budget cuts to education. and

More ukraine related stuff — supposedly lgbt is mentioned within rant against Ukrainian EU integration on Russia 1 TV channel

Sept 25

Protest at the Moscow HQ of the Sochi Olympics organizing committee long profile of a transwoman in a weekly newspaper a regional legislature bans all foreign adoptions, not just those by same sex couples or people from marriage equality countries second tolokonnikova statement Masha Bast launches presidential run for 2018

“Yet you can’t help wishing some of that passion could be passed around, could be extended in the kinds of leaps possible in dreams, to grasp a few connections with other causes. So much feeling, you think helplessly, and yet somehow such a drought of sympathy. So much emotion showered on other people, yet so little sign of imagining beyond oneself.”

Sept 27

Russia news roundup: Ian McKellan video in wsj UN discusses LGBT issues without Russia Dissatisfaction with IOC decision Julia Ioffe on the late Alexey Davydov
Buzzfeed on davydov On migrants from Russia, who will most likely go to the Ukraine
Ukrainian Catholics dislike EU pressures for pro gay legislation on Ukrainian Orthodox churches and the ukrainian national project (in Russian)

I didn’t know Davydov well at all but I never had a fight with him either, which is saying something in Russia, and I admired his overall politics. I wrote a small piece on him today.

Sept 28

By the way there was a call for EU government officials to boycott the Euro 2012 soccer event due to the Ukraine’s ongoing “selective justice” detention of a former prime minister Yulia tymoshenko lithuania discouraged the boycott this to me is the model for the current vision or shape of a Sochi audience boycott

Sept 29

Horrible labor conditions Nepali laborers doing construction for 2022 World Cup in Qatar lead to multiple deaths and

On Russia: Sean Guillory on divisions among Russian lgbt activists
Sean Guillory interview with Polina Adrianovna of coming out st Petersburg
Wash Post on gay teen in Sochi as Olympic torch is lit

Sept 30

“Saakashvili says the Kremlin’s embrace of anti-gay policies is Putin’s last desperate attempt to rein in his old empire. “He had nothing to offer to his former zone of influence. He has no soft power. He has no economic benefits to offer them,” Saakashvili says. “So what he’s telling them: ‘OK, Europe is promising you much more, it’s a better market, they might give you subsidies, they might give you lots of new opportunities and openings. But what you should know is Europe is all about gay rights. If you go to Europe, your family values will be undermined, your traditions will be destroyed. So we as Orthodox unity, we should stick together.'”

Two interesting articles on the future of LGBT movement and some other points by Igor Iasine and Sergey Khazov, journalist, writer and LGBT activist from Moscow:

Igor Iasine:

Sergey Khazov:


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